25 Greatest Classic Musicals

A musical is a play whose dialogue and action are merged with singing and dancing. These are theatrical forms that focus and display full-scale song and dance routines in a major way. In conventional musicals, cast members sing. Musicals in the UAE and other parts of the world showcase the dancing stars or artists which lyrics that support the storyline.

Understanding Musicals

The emergence of talking motion pictures, the musical film genre started from the roots. Animated films such as The Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Aladdin, and The Lion King are some of the most significant. Below are the characteristics of musicals:


Musicals usually contain songs with lyrics that reinforce the plot, a score, and instrumental interludes. The songs and music increase the dramatic tension within the storyline. The plans and emotions of the characters are expressed through music.

Dance Numbers

Dance routines are crucial factors in musicals. Choreography adds a physical rhythm to support the musical score. A large-scale dance number or even two dance numbers can showcase the story in a visual manner.


Unlike a play, the dialogue in a musical is short and functional. The show focuses on the song. In previous years, musicals used to deal with love and romance; however, contemporary problems like rebellion, crime, and peer pressure are common nowadays.

Set and Light

The top-line Broadway and West End musicals used spectacular high-tech stage sets and lighting. This was made possible by the hydraulics, which created various stage levels, diverse effects and allowed a change of set.

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The Greatest Musicals of All Times

There’s no doubt that classic musicals can withstand time and be enjoyed by many generations. Below are the 25 classic musicals of all times:

  • The Wizard of Oz (1939) is not only a favorite of many, but it is also one of the greatest fantasy musicals and films of all times. You might have heard from your dance school that this musical has some of the most memorable songs.
  • Mary Poppins (1964). Its producer referred to it as a perfect musical. It has lovely, catchy songs, and well-calculated choreography.
  • All That Jazz (1979). This is not only a beautiful film, but it is also one of the greatest. You can also call it perfect.
  • Singin’ in the Rain (1952) was written by Gene Kelly, and it is among the best scenes in film. It also has cute songs and excellent acting.
  • Fiddler on the Roof (1971). This musical displayed excellent acting and usage of the stage. Topol, who plays Tevye was terrific on the stage.
  • Gypsy (1962) is a beautiful musical. Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood portrayed the story nicely, which makes it a must-watch.
  • West Side Story (1961) is a unique musical because it seems to attract the young crowd. This is a musical version of Shakespeare’s novel Romeo and Juliet, which is set in New York West Side.
  • The Sound of Music (1965) has one of the most amazing and memorable lyrics sang by Julie Andrews.
  • Cabaret (1972) is an entertaining musical with wonderful lyrics and music, and it also has beautiful acting by Joel Grey and Liza Minelli.
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) is among the greatest musicals ever performed. Gene Wilder portrays Willy Wonka excellently. The settings, casting, and music are amazing.
  • The Music Man (1962) Robert Preston plays the main character in this film’s version of the Broadway play. There is also great acting by Buddy Hackett.
  • My Fair Lady (1964), this musical has cheerful songs, exquisite costumes, and 3 amazing performances.
  • The King and I (1956) has amazing settings, lovely music, and excellent performances by Yul Brenner.
  • Oliver (1968) is among the greatest musicals of all time with catchy songs and performances.
  • Little Shop of Horrors (1986) is about a human eating plant and has great performances by Steve Martin.
  • The Pirates of Penzance (1983) is considered a perfect musical with colorful performances.
  • A Star is Born (1954) has great performances by Judy Garland and James Mason.
  • Meet Me in St. Louise (1944) is a sweet, magical, and colorful musical also performed by Judy Garland.
  • Chicago (2002) is also one of the best musicals with catchy songs, and excellent performances by star actors/actresses.
  • Victor Victoria (1982) is a great musical with performances by Julie Andrews and Robert Preston.
  • Funny Girl (1968) is performed by Streisand, who makes the musical both witty and touching.
  • The Harvey Girls (1946) is a corny and wonderful romantic musical.
  • Grease (1978) is one of the most known musicals of all time.
  • Peter Pan (1970) is a true classic.
  • The Phantom of the Opera (2004) attracts so many young people and has beautiful music.
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Classic musicals are not only beautiful, but they also showcase how our culture changes through time. The good thing about a musical is that it can be enjoyed even after many years.


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