19 Stunning Ways To Rock Baby Blue Nails In 2022

Each season comes with its own manicure trends. From orangey tones for Fall to pastel hues for Spring, our nails certainly get updated to match the season. However, there are a handful of nail trends that can be worn all year long, and that is the category baby blue nails fall into. Although this evergreen nail option is a great choice for the woman whose style borders around femininity and effortlessness, nail artists are getting creative with serving this trend to other women as well. That is to say, whether you choose bold or subtle, you can make baby blue nails work for you.

Young, fresh, and playful are some words that come to mind when it comes to this nail option.  Thus, several fashionistas are incorporating it into their easy-breezy-beautiful ensembles. Other than that, baby blue nails are also making their way into the edgy style scene and ladies with bold styles are working these nails into their look for a contrasting effect. One reason the nail trend has won the heart of many is how well it works with other colors including pink, gold, and brown. This is possible because unlike other shades of blues, baby blue is soft enough to pair with many other colors, and that is much welcome in the world of fashion.

From long to short nails, natural to acrylic and gel, there are so many design options that would fit every woman’s unique nails and lifestyle.

Check out 19 baby blue nail design ideas to inspire your next manicure…

#1. Get frosted

We’re very well still in Winter so there’s no reason why you can’t be season-appropriate in a Winter-inspired nails. Here’s a cool way to do this: rather than use plain art, opt for a textured, embossed detail. This option ensures you “feel” your nails and that extra detail will get attention for all the right reasons.

Get frosted

#2. Designer-inspired

We know you have an eye for only the best of life, which is why you’re drawn to designer-pieces. Unfortunately, designer nail polish isn’t something you can tell after application. Clearly because all nail polish look the same once on your nails. Luckily for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your love for designer pieces by incorporating their logo or pattern on your nails. Genius isn’t it?


#3. Heart up

Heart up

#4. Play with pink

Play with pink

#5. Take to the clouds

You can take to the clouds in baby blue nails, literally. Simply have a creative nail artist turn your nails into a canvas. Depending on how realistic you want this to be, you can include more details into the design like more clouds and even silhouette of birds. The only limit is your imagination and preference.

Take to the clouds

#6. Work in some sparkle

Work in some sparkle

#7. Texture, sparkle, color

When it comes to nail art, the possibilities are endless which is why a nail design featuring more than three details is much welcome. Unlike fashion where you have to limit the number of details so you don’t come off too busy, nail art isn’t that picky. That means you can play with embossed textures, sparkle, varying colors and still be in the right. Just make sure your nail length is reasonable in order to keep things tasteful.

texture, sparkle, color
texture, sparkle, color

#8. Embellish with crystals

Embellish with crystals
Embellish with crystals

#9. Flower power

Who doens’t love flowers? Flowers certainly keep us enthralled for several reasons whether it’s their petals, fragrance, or color. If you’re a flower girl (just like me), then I’m sure you’ll welcome the idea of having them on your nails. While you can totally have the design on every nail, it’s best to limit it to a maximum of two few fingers on each hand. Why? Because simplicity is always the best route to take.

Flower power
Flower power

#10. Two-tone details

Two-tone details
Two-tone details

#11. Ombre X solid combo

Ombre X solid combo
Ombre X solid combo

#12. Try a metallic effect

If you like ombre nails, then you’ll surely love them in metallic. A metallic sheen is an attention-grabbing sensation, and they work wonders in baby blue nails. The best way to pull off this look is to find the pairing of your choice — baby blue X pink, baby blue X grey, baby blue X midnight blue — and build the design around one tone while the other only complements. By using the right ratio of each color, you’ll definitely create a tasteful manicure.

#13. Add a touch of gold

Gold shouldn’t be left to your outfit and accessory alone, they also deserve a spot on your nails. Any gold detail will undoubtedly add a pop to your overall nail design especially when working with blue tones. Whether it’s horizontal lines, miniature foliage, or heart detail, use gold and watch your manicure come alive.

Add a touch of gold
Add a touch of gold

#14. Write it with calligraphy

Write it with calligraphy
Write it with calligraphy

#15. Floral silhouette

This option is perfect for the girl who loves a simple design. While many take the “art” in nail art all the way, there’s still the girl who loves simplicity, and that’s ok. So if you fall into this category, you can stick to a solid baby blue color which is then brought to life using silhouette. Whether that’s a floral, plant, or bird silhouette, the end result is the same.

Floral silhouette
Floral silhouette


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