You might be well aware of the inner mechanism that helps your body to fight different diseases. However, did you know that sometimes, this immunity system could get flawed and start treating the cells of your own body as foreign? In such a scenario, the immune system starts fighting against the healthy cells of your body which leads to a number of diseases known as autoimmune diseases.

There is no sure shot cure for autoimmune diseases. However, it is quite easy to control the symptoms and lead a normal life. Here are 8 different foods which can help your body in fighting the autoimmune diseases.

Top 8 Foods for Fighting Auto Immune Diseases


With a wide variety of berries available in the market, picking a berry of your choice is quite easy. Berries are rich in antioxidants that work towards stabilizing the free radicals in the body and flushing out the toxins. It is the presence of these agents in the body that cause damage to various cells and cause auto immune diseases.


Asparagus has high fiber content which is why it works as a great detoxifying agent. It flushes out the toxins from your body that could potentially cause various autoimmune diseases. Also, it contains saponins that protect your body from any possible inflammation and other disorders like diabetes, high cholesterol etc.

3.Citrus Fruits

Fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruits and sweet lime are rich in Vitamin C which improves the blood circulation in your body. Enhanced circulation ensures that all the cells in your body get a steady flow of oxygen and thus reduces the chances of cell damage.

4.Garlic and Ginger

If you love spicing your food with these herbs, you have all the more reason to add these to your daily diet, given their ability to fight inflammation. These also improve the circulation of blood in the body, which ensures that the blood does not clot. Blood clots can also be a cause of auto immune diseases.

5.Green Leafy Vegetables

Spinach, fenugreek leaves and Kale are rich sources of iron and magnesium that enhance the immunity of your body. These also contain all the essential nutrients that boost the working of the immune system, thus preventing chances of auto immune diseases.


Avocado has many miraculous properties, which is why including it in your diet can help you improve the disease fighting mechanism of your body. Rich in raw fat, consuming avocado enhances your body’s ability to absorb various fat soluble nutrients and thus lessens free radicals in your body. This reduces the risk of auto immune diseases, as it is the free radicals that are the main cause of cell damage.

7.Sweet Potato

The food items that you buy these days are ingested with heavy metals like lead, thanks to the steady spray of pesticides. They get induced into your body and can cause severe cell damage, leading to auto immune diseases. However, eating sweet potato protects your body from any kind of heavy metal toxicity by flushing them out of your body.

8.Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a rich source of acids like luricacid, caprylic acid and capric acid. These acids can fight the pathogens quite easily. So, consumption of coconut oil in your diet can help in fighting autoimmune diseases.

In order to gain strength to fight against autoimmune diseases, your body also requires ample rest and sunlight. You also need to steer clear of unhealthy food and include healthy food items in your daily diet. This will give a boost to your immune system and enhance your body’s capability to fight against autoimmune diseases.


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