white light oracle

…White light holds all the colours, all the frequencies needed for healing ourselves, each other, our planet, and all her precious creatures. It is divine medicine for the soul, empowering the heart, clarifying the mind, and awakening higher consciousness. I had been dreaming of writing this deck with the visionary art of A. Andrew Gonzalez for years. Finally it is the time to release it… (Author’s statement)

The White Light Oracle deck is a gift of inspiration and visual feast. I had come across the work of artists, A. Andrew Gonzalez many years ago when I was looking for an image to accompany a piece of writing. What I stumbled upon was sheer beauty. So, when I was asked to review this deck I did not realize that the imagery used had been masterfully created by luminous image artist, Mr. A. Gonzalez. What a thrill to open the package and hold in my hands a beautifully written accompanying guidebook and 44 cards with amazing artwork.

First of all let me clarify the difference between an oracle and a classic Tarot deck. The Tarot decks are (almost without exception) 78 cards broken into a Major Arcana (the Spiritual heavy hitters) and the more relatable Minor Arcana (images that more closely resemble day-to-day events). The Tarot (in some form) has been used for centuries and is thought to even date back to Ancient Egypt and beyond. Because of the longevity and continuation of its use as a divinatory resource, specific and classic spreads (lay-outs) and standardization of basic interpretations have evolved. In many cases you could pick up any Taro deck, whether the classic Rider-Waite or more modern, Divine Diversity deck and have the underpinnings of common interpretation that then becomes colored to the specificity of the theme.

Oracle decks follow a pattern that resonates with the theme of their oracle and can be any number cards, although most often they don’t reach the 78 count. There is an open-ended quality with oracle decks that allows for use in multiple ways beyond the traditional spreads, as in Tarot and there are no standard (astral-inroad) interpretations since each deck is uniquely its own thing. And, because of this flexibility the themes used to create the oracle deck are only limited by the imagination. Both Tarot and Oracle decks are generally used in the same way- that of being a tool of prediction, deeper insight and opening pathways.

The White Light Oracle fits the bill nicely with evocative imagery and the guidebook provides fresh interpretative ideas and thought provoking questions and exercise to deepen the experience of the card you have randomly selected. I placed my cards on the back-drop of a black velvet cloth and they came alive in depth and meaning.

About the Guidebook:

I really enjoyed the way the guidebook was organized. The Introduction provided ample information about the “whys” of the deck’s creation and a surprising addition of discourse on the nature of rapture, the role of ecstasy in spiritual work and the place of ego as a detriment or boon in seeking the mystic’s way. It may seem as extraneous information, but I felt it laid the necessary groundwork for working with and opening up to the subtleties of the imagery and interpretations of the cards.

… We need to be careful that we don’t seek to nourish our spirit with that which cannot

truly sustain it. We can respect and appreciate what this world has to offer and dedicate

ourselves to giving something of heart-value back whilst recognizing

that there is a need only spiritual connection can fulfill….1.

The next section flowed into “How to Play with Your White Light Oracle”. This is a standard introduction to the traditional protocol of blessing, purifying and considering layouts, etc. that you will find accompanying most oracle or Tarot decks.


The Cards:

You will recognize the names of some of the cards in the White Light Oracle, but many are not the standard fare. Another unique feature is the addition of a healing frequency (such as 174Hz0 indicated on card 13-Bastet of the 174Hz. This is a nice aid in using the underlying vibrational field of these cards with some overtly displayed in the range of their healing and vibrational frequency. Sound and vibration weave the nature of the cosmos and are the driving force that sustains. Employing this thought and energy into these cards that in and of themselves carry very specific levels of frequency generated by the imagery, adds another point of connection.

The reminder of the book is dedicated to “The Messages” relayed within the cards and the Healing Process within each. Each healing is an opportunity to kinesthetically connect with the card, your body and move into the space of your luminous spirit. These are min rituals that offer resonance at a cellular and core level to promote healing, well-being and Light.

The is no one card that I enjoyed more than the other. I am, instead, savoring immersing myself in the imagery and work of each of the cards. This deck is truly a feast for the eyes, nourishment for the soul that makes use of very simple, yet deeply profound, techniques and visioning that will be relevant and evolve as the user returns consistently to its wisdom.

...The doorway to the Sacred is found within the heart. From the heart,

we connect with, nourish and develop our soul… (Author-Back cover)


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