16 Ways To Lose Weight Permanently!

Drop Those Pounds For Good!

There are a number of techniques to lose weight permanently. However, keeping weight off can be a challenging task. Regaining lost weight is quite common and occurs in 75% people who want to slim their waistlines.

For some, just exercising or maintaining a healthy diet by following a weight loss program may not be sufficient. There are reasons why weight is gained or regained. An individual requires pinpointing the reasons behind weight gain to avoid the same.

Tips To Lose Weight Permanently

1. Avoid Eating Too Much

Too much eating without exercising leads to weight gain. Whenever weight gain occurs, body metabolism is reduced. The phenomenon is known as the metabolic adaption. Obese individuals suffer from a metabolic adaption.

To counter the problem, you need to eat less, maintain a healthy diet. It can be a tough proposition for some but to maintain a fit body, an individual needs to inculcate habits of eating less, avoiding junk food and doing regular exercises.

2. Avoid Stress

Stress is an opponent to you being able to lose weight permanently. Whenever an individual is in stress, Cortisol, which is a stress hormone, is released. This hormone slows down the metabolism. It has been observed that individuals when in stress tend to go for food items that have high sugar content. This leads to weight gain.

To counter this it is recommended to do regular exercises that help to keep stress at bay. Individuals can try practicing yoga, going to a gym or run, meeting with friends. Research shows that laughing or smiling can lower the stress level to a certain extent.

3. Do Physical Exercises

A healthy diet is important to lose weight permanently. However, it is equally important to stick to a strict exercise schedule or a weight loss plan. Exercising like running to lose weight, doing yoga, lifting helps to burn the extra calories and that helps to keep an individual fit.

4. You Need to Commit Yourself to a Fitness Class

Maintaining a strict workout schedule helps to reduce weight or maintain weight and lose body fat. Going to the gym regularly, sticking to spin classes help to boost metabolism, burn extra calories.

5. Adequate Sleep

If you lose sleep then you are prone to become obese. Even 30 minutes of sleeplessness can enhance the risk of obesity by as much as 17%. To counter this problem, it is suggested to sleep for at least eight hours. This also helps to reduce stress, increase metabolism. Sleep deprivation causes ghrelin, a hormone to increases appetite, hunger, at the same time, levels of a hormone named leptin is reduced. The leptin hormone suppresses appetite. Because of this, an individual feels hungry which leads to the person’s being overweight. It is important for an individual to have a sound sleep to avoid obesity.

6. Avoid Pre-Processed Food

Pre-processed foods contain calories, high sugar level and consuming them leads to obesity. Maintaining a healthy diet also implies consuming homemade food as this reduces calorie consumption to a large extent.

7. Avoid Junk Food

It is best to refrain from junk food consumption. Junk food often contains a huge amount of calorie. Cutting junk food consumption can lead to weight loss.

8. Eat Food with High Protein Content

Protein is an important part of the diet. It helps to build muscles. Less protein consumption implies slower metabolic rate. Therefore, it is important to increase the protein consumption as this enhances metabolic rate, burn calories faster. Without muscles, it can happen that you put on unwanted weight. Good sources of protein are chicken, fish, beans, pork, beef. To maintain weight, it is suggested to consume protein, add the nutrient in your diet.

9. Avoid Medications like Steroids

If you are taking medications like steroids, beta blockers, migraine meds, birth control pills, antidepressants then you put on some extra weights. However, it does not imply that you need to take off those drugs. It is best on your part to consult a doctor, discuss alternative treatments because in doing so, the physicians may prescribe alternative drugs that do not cause belly-bulging side effects.

10. Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

Drinking alcohol lowers metabolic process. It can reduce the body’s fat-burning ability to a considerable degree. To counter it, avoid drinking alcohol and other high-calorie drinks. Instead, drink low-calorie drinks. Water is a healthy substitute for alcohol. Drink plenty of water to stay healthy and fit.

11. Cure your Gut Problems

Unhealthy eating affects the digestive system. It is important to understand that certain bacteria that live in the gut play a beneficial role, help protect the body from cold. These bacteria have an influence on the hunger hormones. When these bacteria stay in control then it makes an individual hungry and it eventually leads to weight gain. Countering this involves an intake of diet which has a lot of probiotic content. Good sources of probiotics are spinach, oats, legumes, onions, yogurt.

12. Pay Attention to Inflammatory Diseases

Allergies, eating food that causes inflammation, increases weight.  To avoid inflammation, it is suggested to consume food that has low fat or fructose content. It is also recommended to individuals suffering from overweight due to inflammation to talk to expert food allergist and ensure that inflammation is cured or reduced.

13. Green Tea NOT Coffee

There are some food and beverage items which help to put in extra weight. The coffee, for instance, slows down metabolism. Therefore, it is advised to take green tea in order to be slim and healthy. Understanding reveals that green tea has calorie burning effects.

14. Be Active

Sitting on a chair, all day long causes different types of diseases including the problem of obesity. Regular exercises, workouts help to lose weight, stay fit and healthy. Those sitting on chairs for a long period of time can take some time out to get up from their chairs, take a break for some time, and walk for some time. These are all effective way to counter obesity.

15. Eat Carbohydrates

Sometimes, carbohydrates are an important part of our diet. However, many people cut carbohydrate content from their diet thinking that it will help them lose weight permanently. This can lead to problems like exhaustion, lethargy, irritability.

Carbohydrates are an essential part of our body. They help to nourish the brain, the central nervous system. The important thing is to keep carbohydrate content to a reasonable percentage in our daily diet. Carbohydrates are available in many food products including starch. However, intake of starch is not recommended.

16. Do Not Avoid Breakfast

Morning breakfast is good for the brain and the central nervous system. Besides, breakfast helps to lose weight permanently. Those who skip breakfast have higher chances of putting in extra weight. Therefore, it is recommended to take a healthy breakfast at the beginning of every day to lose weight permanently.


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