5 Easy tips to improve hair volume


Hair is one of the most essential part of the human body and adds on to the overall look of every person. Having scanty hair reduces our confidence and keeps us low and tensed. Thus,we have a few simple tricks to follow to increase the volume of your hair and reduce hairfall.

1.Aloe Vera –


Aloe Vera is moisturizes your scalp and provides essential nutrients to it. Apply the gel to your scalp directly for an hour before your hairwash and wash it away with a mild shampoo without many chemicals. By doing this your hair will get stronger and hairfall will reduce to a great extent.

2.Amla –

Amla is known to have a lot of benefits since ages. Amla is good for the hair and should be eaten on an empty stomach to give the hair its natural strength. It can also be made into a juice and had soon as you wake up.

3.Oiling –


Make sure you oil your scalp twice a week to improve blood circulation and making roots healthy. Apply it to your scalp and not hair as it may only reduce hair dryness by that,but applying to your scalp makes roots stronger which facilitate hair growth.

4.Natural Drying –

Naturally drying your hair without any instruments like hair dryer and straightener helps reduce hairfall greatly. It doesn’t burn the roots and keeps the hair strong and naturally beautiful.

5.Monthly Hair Spa and Conditioning –

Make sure you visit the spa on a regular basis so as to get rid of dryness,split ends and any kinds of dandruff or lice which may weaken your hair growth process. Our hair is exposed to a lot of dust and needs to be giving its monthly pampering to make it neat and dirt free. Also, make sure you use a conditioner after shampoo to make your hair frizz free.


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