7 Misinterpretations About Health Insurance Policy Guidelines!

Health Insurance Policy

A good health insurance policy will have a certain set of guidelines that will cover just about everything that you can possibly think of. But, quite often we skip through the fine print and jump to our own conclusions. But, it’s time that we debunk all those myths about various false health insurance policy guidelines!

Misinterpretations Of Health Insurance Policies

1. Online Policies Are Fake Policies

Contrary to what you may believe, online policies are in fact a better choice than health insurance plans given to you through an agent. Many agents tend to cloud your judgment on certain policies, not allowing you to make a choice for yourself. At the same time, we all know that there is a certain amount of the fee that you pay for the service of an agent.

But, if you opt for an online health insurance policy then you can get a better idea of the various policies and you even pay less!

If you’re confused or have any doubts regarding a policy, most online health insurance providers offer online customer services where you can e-mail or call them.

2. No Support For Pregnant Women

This particular misinterpretation about health insurance policy guidelines may have been applicable a few years ago but, for the past few years, health insurance coverage now consists of pregnancy and childbirth!

*Ladies, make sure that you check for this in the guidelines while signing up for a new policy.

3. Immediate Action

Contrary to popular belief, a policy plan does NOT come into action as soon as the deal is made. Most companies have a waiting period of a minimum period (20 days of so) before you can reap the benefits of your individual health insurance plan or family health insurance plan.

The only benefit of your policy that comes into immediate action is your emergency services.

4. Prior Illness Will Not Be Covered

It might make sense in your head that a health insurance provider will not cover any bills for a lifetime illness that you already possess but, this is not the case. Health insurance companies do offer coverage for prior illnesses but only after a specific waiting period (usually four years).

This waiting period may seem like a very long time to you but, it is better than having zero coverage at all.

5. All The Bills Are Paid For!

Depending on which one of the health insurance quotes you opt for, whether it is the best health insurance policy or a cheap health insurance policy, the insurance company will cover only a certain amount of the bills.

No, not all the bills are covered. But, on the other hand, a major portion of it will be covered. So, you may have to touch your savings at the end of the day but, you won’t need to blow up all your cash at a hospital on bills.

6. The Healthy Don’t Need Insurance

Medical insurance is not only for those people who fall ill easily. It is there to make sure that IF you do fall ill, you will have some sort of amount to back you up when it is time to clear your bills.

Regardless of whether you are healthy or not, you should opt for insurance, whether it is self-employed health insurance or private health insurance. Any insurance is better than no insurance!

7. The Cheaper The Better

While any insurance is better than no insurance, I do not advise that you opt for the cheapest one you can find. While the premium may be low, the health insurance policy guidelines are the things that you should be taking a better look at. A discount health insurance is a better option than a cheap health insurance.


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