8 Signs of a Good Workout

You can tell if you exercised right or wrong by how you feel after your workout. So, what should you look at?


Exercise is a challenge, not only physically but also mentally. This way you test your willpower and if you can overcome the urge to quit everything and relax in front of the computer again, you will feel proud of yourself. Gradually you will start to feel how your strength, agility, and speed are increasing, and how much easier it is for you to do exercises that seemed difficult yesterday. Already after the first workouts you will feel that you can do anything if you try.

This will manifest itself not only in sports but also in everyday life. Thanks to regular workouts, you will feel more confident while interacting with other people, playing at an online casino, or dancing in the club. Success in training will spur you to improve other aspects, such as your career or relationships, and help you to dare to do things that seemed unreal before. Think of it as doping.


After exercising for weight loss, you should feel a slight sense of hunger. You want to eat after 40-60 minutes. But if your task is to build muscle or increase your speed and strength, then in 15-20 minutes after the workout your appetite will be brutal.


We often hear that a good mood indicates a properly chosen workout. Alas, this is a myth. High physical activity causes the release of endorphins. In nature, their task is to mask pain and fatigue. So, euphoria during and immediately after exercise can occur only if you have trained strength and speed. And after exercising for weight loss, there should be a quiet sense of satisfaction.


After a successful weight loss workout, you should feel pleasantly tired in the body and intellectually alert. You shouldn’t be drawn to sleep (unless, of course, you finish the exercise at 9-10 p.m.), you shouldn’t yawn and have difficulty thinking. Such a condition indicates an inadequate load!


For many people the criterion is a wet T-shirt: you sweat a lot – you worked out well. However, there is no direct correlation between weight loss and sweat, because regardless of the energy expenditure in the heat and in too warm clothes you will sweat more.


If after a workout you want to drink an order of magnitude more than usual, in all likelihood you exercised too intensely and did not stay within fat-burning limits. The exception is hot and stuffy weather. On such days, it’s imperative to drink water during training (0.3-0.5 liters per hour).


Do you weigh less after working out than before? It’s all about the water that comes out with the sweat. You can lose a maximum of 50 grams of fat per workout. That is 450 kcal, while most active weight-loss workouts allow you to burn 350-500 kcal per hour. So the weight lost during the class is not important at all. Much more fat the body will burn in the recovery process over the next 48 hours. To evaluate the effectiveness of the workout, weigh yourself the next morning or the day after.


Burning in the muscles, crepature (shivering), “wooden” body are signs of excessive exertion. In fitness for weight loss they are unacceptable, except occasionally after the first 2-3 workouts in a new form for you. If you regularly get out of bed “in pieces” the day after the fitness session, you clearly need to reduce the pace of the exercise, or reduce the weights, or simplify the exercises (replace running with walking, jumping with steps, etc.).


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