10 Benefits Of Sleeping Without A Bra!

No More Captivity!

After coming home from a long day at work, the temptation to just hit the sheets without changing out of work clothes or even washing is real; we get it, ladies! But what you don’t understand is that you’re just inviting problems by sleeping with your bra on. Go through our top ten benefits of sleeping without a bra, and indulge today!

Benefits Of Sleeping Without A Bra

1. Impeded Circulation

This is the most important of the benefits of sleeping without a bra. Tight bras, especially those with wires, impede circulation to your chest and arms and don’t let your breasts breathe. This restricts the natural flow of blood and constricts blood vessels, which leads to disfigured, sagging breasts. It also compresses your nipples, which is very unhealthy for you. Wearing a bra to bed doesn’t give your breasts extra shape. On the contrary, it ruins the natural contours of your bosom. This might also cause breast cancer in the long run, studies have revealed.

2. Irritation

Even well-fitting bras tend to irritate the sensitive skin around your chest and cause rashes. Bras with hooks can dig into your skin, and can even draw blood. Tight straps and underwires can cause lesions leave ugly marks on your skin. Though you might not feel the pain at night, this can cause undue problems and leave unattractive marks when you wear off-shoulder or backless dresses.

3. Hyperpigmentation

Another risk that women that wear bras to sleep face, is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation means patches of skin that have a darker color and uneven skin tone. This is the body’s defense mechanism to skin that is constantly irritated, abraded and scratched. This is caused due to melanin, a pigment found in the areola. Increased levels of melanin in areas where you don’t want them can cause ugly, dark patches in problem areas like under your breasts, shoulders etc. Attractive? We think not!

4. Fluid Accumulation

Wearing tight bras to bed can cause retention of fluid in the breasts due to impaired circulation of the lymphatic organs. The lymph gland is important for removing toxins from all body parts, and impaired circulation can have adverse effects on all organs of the body, including the kidney, liver, and stomach. Hence, one of the benefits of sleeping without a bra is good fluid accumulation!

5. Fungi and Bacteria

A scary consequence of wearing bras to bed is the accumulation of fungus. Fungi thrive on moist, dark, warm places, and what other place for that than the comfort of your skin? Excessive sweat and repeated use of the same bra without washing it can lead to untoward consequences like the growth of fungi, which are a pain to handle. Fungi can cause other complications and spread to other areas of the body as well. Foul odor is also a major menace caused due to fungi. Thus, one of the benefits of sleeping without a bra is avoiding fungal growth!

6. Quality of Sleep

An uncomfortable bra makes your sleep unfruitful and leads to insomnia. You tend to feel very restless, as sweat and itchiness can make you very cranky. You will lose out on precious REM sleep, which is very important to assimilate and organize all the information collected during the course of the day. A bad sleep cycle results in a bad day, and the vicious cycle continues. One of the benefits of sleeping without a bra is the feeling of soft skin on skin, which is enough to lull you into a deep, well-rested sleep.

7. Releasing Hormones

As your body gets used to the circadian rhythm, special hormones are released at night, for general growth, development, sleep and memory. If your sleep cycle is disturbed, these hormones are not released properly, which can lead to a downward spiral in both your personal and professional life. Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, while dark surroundings release melatonin which is both important for deep REM sleep, and assimilation of all data gathered throughout the day.

8. Restricted Breathing

Tight clothing restricts the movement of the chest, which prevents you from breathing deeply. This will make you very uncomfortable, and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Night time is when your entire body rests, and all cells get repaired and rejuvenated, for which oxygen is essential. If your body is denied of its fair share of oxygen it will become weak, and your skin and hair will lose their sheen and luster.

9. Increasing Intimacy

Need I say more about the benefits of sleeping naked with your significant other? Health benefits aside, it offers a new level of comfort, safety, security and intimacy with your beau. The warmth from another human is the ideal amount necessary for good sleep and release of pleasure hormones, not warmth from clothes. There is a fair amount of psychological gratification involved here, which when combined with the added comfort of sleeping without a bra can lead to multifold happiness.

10. Shaping

Especially in the formative years, your upper body needs adequate blood supply so that your breasts can form and grow. Wearing tight training bras in this stage can impair growth and damage sensitive breast tissue. This prevents normal increase size and will have adverse effects during breastfeeding. Even for adults, removing your bra before you go to bed only enhances the natural shape of your breasts. Wearing bras while you sleep will not make your breasts perky; it will only spoil the natural round shape and flatten them.

No matter how tired you are, remember that getting out of your bra will take only a few minutes. If you fret about how long it takes to undress, it is an indication of how tight and uncomfortable your bra is, which is, even more impetus to remove it immediately, as it will cause that much more harm when you do fall asleep with it. Take some effort to remove your bra before you hit the sheets. A refreshing shower before bed will do wonders to your skin and quality of sleep, as it rids your body of sweat, grime, dirt and other impurities. Make a change and try this routine today; see the difference yourself!


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