Beware, cell phones can lead to acne and other health disorders

Smartphones have turned to be the most-sought-after gadgetsby people so much so that it would be first thing to lay one ‘s hands on even without stepping out of the bed and peeping into it frequently continues for the rest of the day.

Though the cyberspace helps one to be connected with loved ones, there are some precautions one needs to take to avoid damage to our bodies.

There are several ways in which excessive use of cell phones can cause harm to one’s organs.

Let us see how constant use of cell phones actually damage out well being, acne being one of them!

1.Damage to eyes

Staring into the bright screen time and again can ruin one’s eyes and can lead to dryness. In the long run, youngsters addicted to phones can be nearsighted as they grow up. Research also suggests that overuse of smartphones can leave us wearing glasses very soon.

To avoid this, we can enlarge the text and to avoid glare, it would be better if we can operate the phone in a well-lit room.

2.Affects the Spine

Smart phones can change our posture. We tend to poke our heads forward while reading something on a phone or tablet. This position squashes the top of the spine and compresses the nerves going up to the head. This can lead to headaches, feeling tired and stiff.

We can avoid the same by going for hands-free kits and doing exercises that strengthenthe neck.

3.Saggy Jowls

Excessive use of phones can bring changes in the outline of your jaw. As we age, the skin loses its elasticity. Bending our neck forward for hours to look at smartphones and tablets may mean there is more of a downwards tug on the delicate skin.

To prevent this, try holding the phone right in front of you, rather than below the chest level.

4.Affects Hearing

Playing music in loud volume for long hours can lead to noise-induced hearing loss which can make it difficult to hear speech, especially when there is too much noise in the background.

It is advisable to hear music on ear phones at optimal level and for a shorter duration.

5.Causes Sleeplessness

Computers, laptops, phones and tablets give off a blue light, that is said to interfere with natural hormones like melatonin that help us sleep.

Research shows phone’s potential to impede sleep can be avoided by dimming the brightness of the phone and holding it at least 14 inches away from your face. It would be much better if you can leave your phone outside your bedroom in the night.

6.Causes Acne

Talking on phone for long hours can also cause breakout of acne due to the numerous germs present on the screen. Bacteria is one of the main causes of acne. When one holds the phone against the face, there is a mechanical stimulation, pressure against the oil glands that makes them produce more oil.

Simple Tips While Using Cell Phones

1.Use Headphones

Prevent direct contact between the phone and the skin by using earplugs. This will avoid the bacteria on the phone screen come in contact with the skin on the face. One can also use speakerphone or even text, if possible.

2.Wipe the Screen

Regularly clean the surface of the cell phone that comes in contact with the skin to avoid trouble with the germs. This should be done even when the phone does not look or seem to be dirty.

3.Avoid pressure

Keep the phone away from your face or hold it loose against the skin to avoid pressure on the skin. If the phone is pressed to the skin, the oil glands get stimulated causing a rise in acne.

4.Wash your Face

Wipe your face with a cleansing tissue after talking for a long time on phone. Use acne-fighting medications on the skin.

It is important to know ‘how much is too much’, while using the cell phones. Make sure you use your phone reasonably in order to avoid adverse effects that are caused on the health.


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