Daily Life Fashion: 4 Essential Tips To Find The Ideal Timepiece For Your Everyday Lifestyle

Watches are often part of every gentleman’s wardrobe. They cannot start their daily errands without their trusted wristwatch. Same with the messenger app you open everyday, the newspaper you read every morning, and the coffee you regularly take to start your day, the wristwatch is an essential accessory designed for your everyday lifestyle. 

Whether you opt to go to a gym, take your coffee break in your favorite coffee shop, or perhaps, you love to travel for adventures, there are specific watches that will match the lifestyle you have. These watches speak a lot of who you truly are. If you are looking for one that will surely match your daily lifestyle, here are top tips you must consider:

Fewer Aesthetics: For Minimalist Lifestyle

You are probably living a minimalist lifestyle if you are fond of collecting fashion accessories with clean designs or plain colors. For minimalist people, fewer aesthetics means moreㅡ minimalist’s usual fashion mantra. 

However, some minimalists are not fond of collecting various fashion accessories, but a watch is a vital belonging they cannot go without. This is a living proof why watch industries continue to flourish until now. To achieve your minimalist look, opt for simple displays with mild aesthetics. Here are some of the minimalist watches you might like:

Blancpain’s Villeret Quantième Complet 40mm Stainless Steel 

Aside from being minimalist, this particular timepiece from Blancpain Watches features a simple, yet attractive dial with its silver-toned hands. The watch’s case is purely stainless steel with a minimalist black colored comfortable leather strap. 

Omega’s Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

Since 2012, the watch prides itself on having a black colored dial with matte finishes. Its leather type band is perfect for casual occasions, giving you a minimalist look. Moreover, the stainless steel case completes the entire watch’s features. 

IWC’s Portofino Hand-Wound Moonphase Silver Dial Men’s Watch

With its silver-plated colored dial, gold-tone hands, and alligator leather band, you should not miss this minimalistic timepiece from IWC that will complete your simple daily lifestyle and your desired simple aesthetics. You can purchase it anytime for only $10, 299. 

Fitness Watch: For Active Gentlemen

If you currently own a very old watch while pursuing an active daily lifestyle, this is the right time to replace it with a fitness watch, intended to match your enthusiastic personality. It helps you measure and track your daily exercises, and guides you to achieve your fitness goal. 

There are thousands of different fitness watch styles available in the market. Thus, to pick the right one, ask yourself first what type of fitness watch you need the most. Evaluate the watch’s functions such as the measurement for the heart rate, distance, and speed, if it will help you obtain your fitness goal. Moreover, the top consideration should be the weight of the watch. An athletic designed watch with lightweight fits your daily workout routine. 

Tenacious Watches: For Thrill Adventures

Tenacious watches such as Pilot suit your desired thrill adventures like paragliding and hiking. Performed a crucial job during World Wars, there is no doubt why Pilot watches would be your best companion for thrilling adventures. Pilot gains popularity because of its bold and remarkable features that perfectly match every sophisticated gentleman.

Elegant Watches: For Luxurious Taste Of Lifestyle

Some watch enthusiasts are fond of collecting various luxurious watches. This significantly defines their lifestyle. Most of them collect gold watches that can give them a taste of luxurious life. Luxurious watches depict nobility and power. If you fancy these kinds of watches, Rolex and Cartier watches are significant choices you must consider. 


Wearing watches becomes a trend for anyone’s lifestyle. Not just for its luxurious or simple aesthetics, but most watch enthusiasts found it useful for their everyday errands. Whether you opt for fitness, sensual, or fitness watch, ensure that it will suit your lifestyle.


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