Do sleep masks damage eyelashes?

For so long, sleep masks have been saddled with all manner of stereotypes, with some people arguing that they are feminine and frivolous, while others claim that they are likely to damage the eyelashes. Regardless of these assertions, the reality is that sleep masks are a valuable sleep aid designed to improve the quality of your sleep by covering your eyes. Different researchers have unanimously agreed that people tend to sleep better when the room is completely dark. So, they advise people to make their sleeping rooms as dark as possible during sleep time. There are different ways to achieve this, one of which is the use of sleep masks.

Aside from improving the quality of your sleep, these masks will save you a few bucks because they are cheaper than the costly blackout curtains and are readily available. What is more, they are easy to travel with so that you can continue to enjoy your sweet sleep even when you are away from home. Additionally, sleep masks have been proven to be a safer sleep aid than most other sleep-inducing techniques such as sleeping pills and alcohol. These masks are designed to completely cover your eyes so that the complete darkness can trick your brain into believing that it is time to sleep. Some people even say the sleep masks are just as effective as the aforementioned sleeping pills and alcohol.

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However, the assertions that sleep masks damage eyelashes have forced some people, especially women, to abandon them and seek alternative sleep aids. That’s why it is important to take a closer look at these claims and understand where they are coming from. First of all, it is necessary to recognize the various uncertainties revolving around the use of sleep masks. This is the only way to know whether the fears are legitimate or not.

Squashed Eyelashes

Many women nowadays are enhancing their facial appearance with eyelash extensions, which are normally attached to the eyelash line to make the lashes appear longer and well-defined. However, these artificial eyelashes are delicate and can easily be ruined if proper care is not taken, especially when sleeping. That’s why some people are worried that sleep masks might leave their eyelashes squashed. In reality, though, experts advise people who wear eyelash extensions to use sleep masks because they prevent their lashes from getting ripped out when they are tossing and turning on their cotton bed sheets. Without a mask, you will wake up to find your pillow littered with eyelashes and eyebrow makeup.

Bent Eyelashes

Other people claim that sleep masks cause their eyelashes to bend and grow unevenly depending on the side they sleep on. However, the truth is that these sleep masks will protect your eyelashes from being rubbed off or getting stuck in the pillow and bed sheet threads. Most of the latest sleep masks come with indents over the eyes that prevent your precious eyelash extensions from getting rubbed off. They even help you to save time that you are likely to spend removing the eyelash extensions as you prepare to sleep and putting them back on when you wake up. After a long day at work, you will have little energy and time left to remove your eyelashes before bed. That’s when a sleep mask comes in handy as it keeps the eyelashes intact all night long.

Inhibit Growth of Eyelashes

Most people who are afraid of sleep masks claim that they apply too much pressure on their eyes thus inhibiting the growth of their eyelashes. But the reality is that there hasn’t been a single medical report created to support this claim. A sleep mask helps to boost eyelash growth. Since we have already established that these masks protect your eyelashes from getting squashed and ripped out by your pillows and bedsheets, it is quite accurate to conclude that sleep masks are important for improving the growth of your eyelashes and the general health of your eyes. Again, when you have good quality sleep, your whole body is relaxed and rejuvenated, allowing the body to absorb all the nutrients needed for hair growth.

Excess Heat

It is true that, when you tie a piece of cloth around your face for a prolonged time, it’s going to generate some heat. It is also true that excess heat will make your skin dry out and leave your hair feeling like hay. As such, your eyelashes are likely to suffer if they are exposed to too much heat. The good thing about modern sleep masks is that they are designed to absorb heat and moisture, thus creating the perfect condition for your eyes and lashes to rest. Further, these masks are made of soft, breathable materials that won’t keep heat trapped inside. So, it’s important to know the different kinds of materials used in making sleep masks and how they are likely to affect your eyelashes.


It has been argued that sleep masks can cause skin allergies that result in uncontrollable itching around the eyes. This discomfort leads to continuous scratching, which can easily ruin your eyelashes. The truth is that most of the sleep masks available on the market are made of safe materials such as silk and cotton, which are least likely to cause allergies. However, there are substandard masks that are made of synthetic materials that are most likely going to trigger skin reactions. Therefore, the safety of a sleep mask largely depends on the type and quality of materials used to manufacture it.

In conclusion, sleep masks are a useful sleep aid that everyone should have. While there are numerous uncertainties and likely side effects associated with them, they still offer numerous benefits to the user. However, they are only beneficial if the right sleep masks are worn. Users have to do extensive research on the available sleep masks and the type of materials used to produce them. It is also very important for your sleep mask to be bought from a reputable manufacturer and be used properly for effective assistance when sleeping.


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