How to Wear Fake Lashes

Your eye look is such an important part of your daily makeup routine.  And this is understandable, because the eyes are normally one of the first things people notice when they are making a new connection.  Beautiful, expressive eyes can be such an insight into how a person is thinking or feeling, and they truly are the window to the human soul.  However, applying and removing mascara or other eye makeup every single day can start to feel like a waste of time, especially if your mascara is not doing what you need it to do.  Fake lashes may very well be the best option for your lifestyle as they allow a simpler solution to a complicated eye makeup routine on a daily basis.  If mascara is not working for you or if you are just looking for a way to spice up your look, fake lashes are for you!  No matter what your existing makeup routine looks like, you can definitely find a lash look that works for you.

So Many Options!

If you are looking to add fake lashes to your routine for the first time, you might start by just googling fake lashes, but if you did, it would probably just stress you out because you would get over twenty-eight million different results all claiming to be the best possible solution for you.  Starting this way is probably not the best way to go, and so it is important to start by talking about the different kinds of fake lashes out there.  Separating them into categories will be the best way to identify what works for your routine.

  • Disposable fake lashes are far the cheapest solution, these lashes can be purchased at really any drugstore or supermarket and are applied with a thin layer of adhesive underneath your existing lashes.  Depending on your lash length and texture, this can be a great temporary option to give yourself an instant boost of glamour and self confidence.  However, disposable lashes often come with drawbacks.  For example, the adhesive can be messy and difficult to apply, leaving you more frustrated than you were with mascara.  Additionally, depending on which ones you buy, they may end up being more of a financial investment than mascara if you apply them daily, because you throw them away after one single wear.  
  • Home-applied magnetic fake lashes really do end up representing a great middle ground between disposable lashes and the next kind of lashes, professionally applied salon lash extensions.  In recent years, magnetic lashes have really blown up in popularity, with companies striving to create a more high-tech eyelash solution without all the messy adhesive and difficult installation.  And while these magnetic lashes do have some small drawbacks (like making sure you remove them properly so that you do not pull out any of your natural lashes), they can be great for someone who needs a more lasting solution that does not require a new purchase every single time you want your eyes to just pop.  If you need long, fluttery, realistic fake lashes, this may be your best bet.  Some of the best magnetic lashes can be found for relatively inexpensive prices from responsible companies!
  • Professionally applied salon lash extensions are by far the most expensive lash solution, and may work best for people who want a more permanent makeup look without eternal commitment to a certain look.  For example, if you go to a salon and get lash extensions, the fake lashes are individually applied to your existing natural lashes and will actually remain adhered to your existing lash for up to a month, depending on how w+ell you take care of them.  Additionally, depending on your level of activity, you can actually wear them in the shower or even to the pool on occasion because of the kind of adhesive that is used.  Drawbacks other than financial commitment include the fact that once they are on, they are on for about a month, and as they begin to fall out, your lash look may begin to be sparse and look unnatural.  Thankfully, you can get them filled in if you need to for much cheaper.

Regardless of your lifestyle, you can find a fake lash that works for you, and for most people, magnetic lashes may be a perfect middle ground that combines the flexibility of disposable lashes with the beauty of professionally applied lashes.

In Summary

Whether you are exercising, out in the rain, or just conquering the workspace, you can look and feel your best with fake lashes.  Pick out which style fits your routine best and experiment with how to include them in your current makeup routine.  Your eyes will thank you, and your self confidence will soar.  Bring everything to the table.         



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