5 Reasons to Avoid Instant Noodles

Noodles are rage among both young and old. Easy to make in a jiffy and the delicious taste is what encourages you to make these a permanent on your shopping list. However, did you know that these are not as healthy as the manufacturers make them out to be?

Even if you add a healthy twist to these noodles, these are still quite harmful for you and your loved ones. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons as to why instant noodles are harmful for your health.

5 Reasons why Instant Noodles are Harmful for Health

1. Reduces Absorption of Nutrients

If you thought that adding lots of vegetables to the instant noodles would make it a healthier for your little ones, think again. Instant noodles are made with certain ingredients that have an adverse effect on the digestive system of your children. So, if your kids have these noodles on a regular basis, their digestive system finds it hard to absorb the nutrients present in their food. This leads to various deficiencies in children which is definitely not good.

2, Causes Cancer

Are you enamored by those instant noodles that are packaged in a cup? These are so easy to make. Just boil some water, pour it into the cup, wait for a few minutes and your snack is ready. But did you know that these cups are either made of plastic or Styrofoam. Either of them when exposed to heat produce agents that can actually cause certain types of cancers in your body. So, instant noodles in a cup are definitely the unhealthiest of choices.

3, Lowers the Metabolism of the Body

Instant noodles contain lots of chemicals, artificial colors and taste enhancers which make the look and taste so good. Agreed that all these are food grade products and passed by the food department. However, extensive induction of these artificial agents into the body can cause toxicity in your body and wreak havoc with your metabolism. An erratic metabolism is the main reason for a number of health issues.

4, Moistening Agents that are Harmful

Ever wondered how these dried instant noodles turn so soft and moist within no time? Well, this is because an ingredient called propyl glycol is added to the noodles. Also known as anti freeze, this ingredient ensures that the noodles turn moist quickly and do not stick to each other. This ingredient could accumulate in your body and affect your vital organs like heart, liver, kidneys etc. It can also have an adverse effect on your immune system and make you susceptible to a number of diseases.

5, Weight Gain

Instant noodles are made of refined flour which is extremely unhealthy. The spice powder has high salt and sodium content that can cause water retention in the body and lead to weight gain. So no matter what vegetables you add to your noodles, it is still not good for your body.

The spice mix in the instant noodles contains monosodium glutamate which is a proved carcinogenic agent. Also the chemicals in these noodles are harmful for pregnant women. So, the next time you reach out to that pack of instant noodles remember the ill effects it can have on your body.


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