Levitate your bold look with V French tips

Whether you want it or not, new fashion trends will come along their way to you, and so what the V French nail tips came. Reinventing new looks with different style in trends that makes you look classy and bold is what everyone dream of now.

Previously manicure was just about polishing your nails with different colors swapped around, but now bypassing time and generation, new things have taken their way. There is a lot of nail art in fashion going with the trend, and different nail shapes have also got their place. They are trying different shapes of nails with different colors and nail art that look stunning on everyone, like round, square, rectangular, oval, etc.

Here’s a new shape that came along is V French tips, where your nails can have different varieties of one shape with different styles. It works on both long and short nails most hygienically. Tips can have different styles like nude, bare, and ombre-like colors. So, you grow your nails and have an appointment with your nail artist for your new V French tips nails.

Showcasing your different looks with different backgrounds of women can have it very easily. From working women to college, teenage girls can make it a good look and raise the bar high for every girl around them.

What is even better will look is trying out different shades of color and giving your V French tips nails as vibrant and colorful as you look. Different nail shapes and styles are popping over on social media platforms. V French tips nails have many versions of themselves, and the most common is almond shaped, which is going with subtle, softer color and look. Additionally, there are many more colorful and unique options in the market available there. V French tips nails have taken up the market and given a new twist to nail art style with a more glamorous and aesthetic look and design.

So are you ready to give your nails a new look?

Here are 13 designs that are very tempting V French tips nails:-

  1. Red berries:-

Who doesn’t like frits? Everyone likes fruits. When it comes to berries, people love their cherry glossy red color, and having love on your nails is something different that shows your love and also gives your V French tips a different look that looks good and makes you crave for it. So why not try these red berries look on your nails.

  1. Space for Space:-

Who doesn’t like stars and moons? Everybody right! Gazing at stars and moons at night is what a night lover does. Painting your V French tips with a touch of stars and moons will give your nails a stunning look.

  1. Be bright like Neon:-

Pick your hue florescent color and put it just on your V French tips to showcase your subtle natural nail look. Instead of just taking one hue color, you can also try numerous neon colors that can be mixed up to give your nails a bright look, which is what is bombing today.

  1. Fly like a butterfly:-

The beauty of the butterfly comes with the different color combinations it has naturally. From bright color to dark dusky color butterfly makes you surprised every time with its look. So, what not to try on your V French tips with different colors like a butterfly. Definitely a good idea, right?

  1. Pop like the sixties:-

This joyful playing around with colors on your V French tips and exploring its sixties look will give you a ravishing look to your nails. The new generation trying old generation things is a new fashion trend and exciting.

  1. Make it to the point:-

These pointed V French nails look beautiful and subtle, which doesn’t require much art, and filling it with polishes will make them glow. This will give your nails a 3D effect of the new 21st century.

  1. Lioness girl:-

Tiger print dresses are very trendy in the market, and tiger print bags, clutches, and tops are more popular.

So, why not try it on your nails also? Have that tiger printed on your V French nail tips to get matched with your dress and be like a lioness.

  1. Fire fly:-

Night gazers have always seen firefly which glows like gold at night; giving your V French tips nails a glitter gold-like look and making them shine like gold will give nails a ravishing look that glows your nails and blow people’s mind.

  1. The line is the way:-

Lines patterns have always given everything a good new look, from vertical lines to horizontal lines and from diagonal lines to zigzag lines. Everything looks great with this. Swapping around designs on V French tips will look stunning and give it a monochrome look.

  1. Be an abstract:-

At first look, this V French tip will look like a flame, but you will love this neon-colored malachite more when you look more. Staring with a base of light pink and giving it matte waves with hot orange color will raise the temperature with its tempting look.

  1. Being skinny:-

Whether you want to grow your nails naturally or want to have nail extensions, this will give you a truly complete look.

What will look good without V French tips, neon color, and nude texture? Nothing right! Being simple and beautiful is what French tips are. Giving it nude shades and a textural look will always be the right choice for getting a subtle and classic look.

  1. Statistics:-

Having your V French tips is what something resembles, like a snake tongue being as silent as a snake and fragile as well. Being an animal lover, any girl can try this new look with some good color combinations, which gives your nails a daring look.

  1. Modern V French tips:-

The longer your nails, the more glamorous look will give to your nails. This is an eye-catcher for everyone. Go for a softer and brighter color in a shade that matches the color of your choice. You can also try out glitter on it, which can be rose gold, bright gold, or silver which will look good for anyone who wants sparkle in the nails.


V French tips are trendy in fashion now; levitating your look with this new look is what everyone is doing. Giving your French tips a different look with different styles of textured, matte, glittery shine, and nude shades will raise the bar for everyone else. You can try this new nail art with many of the different styles and textures you want to give it.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. Are V French tips can be done only by nail extensions?

No, every French tip is not a nail extension. It’s only done when you have very short nails.

  1. How much does it cost?

Approximately 2000 for every time it generally costs at a regular salon.

  1. Will it look good on my hands?

Of course, it will look good on your hands. That’s why everyone is trying out this new nail art.


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