Mumbai- A Destination Where Tourists Can Find Many Things

Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in India known for its beaches, stock exchange buildings, and other attractions. The city provides excellent employment and business opportunities for a wide section of people from various parts of India. It is the most populous city in the world which has a population of more than 22 million. In addition, the city allows tourists to explore many things enabling them to enjoy a trip accordingly.

Anyone who wants to plan their trip to the city should book hotels in advance for making it a successful one. TajMahal hotel Mumbai offers luxurious facilities for guests to plan their trip with family and others in world-class environment. In addition, it provides ways to spend a vacation and a take a break from hectic lifestyle to refresh mind. There are various types of packages offered by the hotel and one can choose the right one among them to get the best amenities.

Important places to visit in Mumbai

  1. Mandapeshwar Caves

Mandepeshwar Caves are one of the must-see places in Mumbai. Built around 1500 t0 1600 years ago, they are now preserved by the archaeological survey of India (ASI). They have rock-cut shrines dedicated to the Lord Shiva. In fact, the caves stood as an example of Buddhist cave architecture in the 8th century because they cover attractive structures. Some of them include Buddhist Viharas, prayer chambers, and meditation halls. Moreover, the caves remained desert for many years and visitors can only access the ruins of structures. The walls on the caveshave carvings of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses allowing visitors to know more about Hindu religion in detail.

  1. Horniman Circle Garden

Horniman Circle Garden located near Kala Ghoda in Mumbai is a perfect destination for those who want to rejuvenate their mind in peaceful environment. The garden has well-maintained garden, pavements, tracks, and jogging tracks allowing tourists to get relaxation from busy lifestyle. There is a separate play area available for kids in the garden allowing children to have more fun. The garden also hosts a number of events every year enabling visitors to enjoy them with family and others.

  1. Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park

Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park is a perfect place for families and children to experience complete entertainment. It has seven charming zones that aim at creating a fantasy world for visitors who cannot afford big entry fees. Besides that, it covers features for visitors to enjoy international themes and other things. The park offers amusement for people of all ages with outstanding facilities.

  1. Snow world

Snow world located in Kurla, Mumbai is the most visited one by local people because it allows them to perform skating and sledging on ice. Furthermore, the theme park gives ways to throw snow at each other during the summer season to get more pleasure. In addition, the park will guide visitors to perform different types of activities with more safety to prevent any unwanted problems.

  1. Yazoo Park

Yazoo Park is an amusement park located in the outskirts of Mumbai that allow visitors to go for a variety of rides. In addition, there are several entertainment activities available in the park allowing tourists to witness more excitement and happiness. The theme park also has food plaza and restaurant that provide various dining options for visitors.

Tips to follow while making a trip to Mumbai

  1. Mumbai is an expensive city in India and visitors should prepare a budget while making a trip. This will help to fix an itinerary for making the tour a memorable one.
  2. Drinking tap water is not advisable for the visitors because it may lead to health issues and they should take bottled water to avoid them effectively.
  3. The city will experience heavy rains during the monsoon season and high temperature in summer. Therefore, it is necessary to pick the best season when making a tour. Tourists should consider visiting the city from November to March in a year.
  4. It is advisable not to travel alone in remote places of the city for overcoming thefts and other problems.
  5. Tourists should take care of their personal belongings while traveling in crowded trains, buses, and places.
  6. Mumbai is known for its night life because it has several pubs and disco clubs which fulfil the expectations of visitors.
  7. Visitors must stick to the local culture and tradition when they want to visit religious places.
  8. There are several shopping malls located in the city and tourists can buy a variety of items which suit their budgets.
  9. It is a wise one not to eat street foods in the city because they are unhygienic which will result in health complications.
  10. Foreign nationals can approach nearby banks or exchange counters when they want to exchange their currency.
  11. Tourists should have a copy of important documents while traveling to important places in the city.
  12. It is advisable not to take local trains during the peak hours due to heavy crowd.
  13. Tourists should consider hiring taxi services to nearer places because the charges are cheap.
  14. Visitors should book a hotel that is central to important destinations that can help to reach them quickly.
  15. There are several apps available for visitors to book a cab, restaurant, and hotel with ease.

Hotels in Mumbai

Several hotels in Mumbai offer 5-star facilities for guests to enjoy a trip with family and others in a world-class environment. Taj Mahal hotel Mumbai allows visitors to book different types of suites at affordable rates. Tourists can get more details about the hotel from leading hotel websites that can help to make a better decision. The hotel covers outstanding amenities for guests enabling them to ensure the best accommodation. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the rules and regulations properly before booking the hotel online. The hotel also provides huge discounts during festivals allowing customers to book rooms at cheaper prices to save more money.


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