Returning to Sports After an Injury – How and When to Get Back

Athletes are exposed to numerous types of injuries during training, exercise, and sports. Experts have always claimed that head injuries are the most common followed by fractures and sprains. Although injuries can be avoided by athletes, most find themselves out of the pitch for a long time nursing one or more injuries.

If it has happened, it is crucial to know how and when you need to get back to the pitch. The good thing is that most professional players are advised by their doctors, but there are hundreds of athletes who are on their own. The guideline below will be a big help.

Common Injuries in Sports

As mentioned, head injuries are the most common followed by fractures. But let us look at them in detail.

  •       Head injuries – Usually, you will hear experts talk about grades 1 to 5 of head injuries. The higher the grade, the more life-threatening they are. All of them require different levels of attention, but each must be assessed by a doctor.
  •       Fracture – These occur on the bones and the degree can vary. They are typically caused by falls.
  •       Twists and sprains – They are also common and occur to the muscle and ligaments. They can be painful at the beginning, but the body has a way of healing, especially after massage and other therapies.

How to Get Back to Sports

Athletes cannot wait to get back to sports after an injury, especially if it has taken a lot of their time. One cannot just get back without following certain procedures to ensure that is all is well. According to health and fitness experts, it is not all about buying enhancement gear from, getting to the gym, and then to the pitch. There has to be a plan that will prevent further health problems or more injuries.

First, get cleared by a qualified doctor to show that your current injury has been healed and it is safe for you to get back on track. As sad as it is, playing and training will not go back to the usual yet – it has to be a gradual process for the body to get used to.

Another important thing is to engage in workouts and exercises that promote recovery from injuries. Let your fitness trainer guide you, and if you do not have one, research on what is best for you. Others must have been involved in such injuries and they will tell you what worked best for them.

Speeding Up Recovery Time

Even if you feel that everything is okay with you, the injury might not have healed completely. As such, you need to do everything you can to speed up your recovery time. Diet and supplements play a big role in healing you alongside the prescribed medication and surgery.

However, the most critical thing is to engage in the right exercise as we mentioned earlier. This shortens the recovery time, especially for injuries related to bones, muscles, and ligaments.


When you follow all of these steps, you will be ready to get back to sports as soon as possible. Just be sure that you are ready before you rejoin the other team members or enthusiasts.


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