Six Signs of a Badly Fitting Bra

  1. Slipping straps
  2. Uncomfy underwire
  3. Bad bands
  4. Excess cup fabric
  5. Chafing

There is nothing like a badly fitting bra to ruin your mood and make you feel overly irritable. An uncomfortable bra is not only an annoyance because of the way it feels, it can also ruin the way an outfit fits. This is because a bra, when it fits well, should accentuate your figure by lifting the bust and giving you a more contoured figure without causing you any discomfort. There are a few warning signs of a badly fitting bra and in this article we are going to point out some of the signs to look out for.

Slipping straps

One of the first signs you are wearing a badly fitting bra is if your straps keep slipping down off of your shoulders or alternatively are so tight they dig into your skin. If your straps keep slipping down this means the straps are too loose. If you have had the bra for a long time and it once did fit, it’s important to remember that straps will stretch over time due to wear and washing. Another thing to look out for is a band being too big as this can lead to the back riding up leaving your straps prone to falling down. Ultimately, straps of the right bra for you will sit comfortably on your shoulders without slipping down. Slipping straps can either mean you are wearing the wrong sized bra or the wrong style of bra for your body. 

Uncomfy underwire

Another sign to look out for is uncomfortable underwire. There is nothing worse than underwire digging into your breasts, it can not only make you irritable, it can actually be quite painful too. The underwire is sewn into the cups of a bra and designed to support your bust, it should be comfortable beneath the underneath and sides of your bust. The most common cause of discomfort from an underwired bra is wearing the wrong size. For example, if the underwire presses into the breast on the side this can mean the cup is too small. On the other hand if you are noticing red marks on the skin, the band width of the bra is most likely too tight.

Bad bands

The band size of your bra is significant because it is what keeps the bra in place whilst supporting your bust in the cup. A well fitting band will sit straight along your back, parallel to the ground. There are different signs to look out for when it comes to the band which includes a rising band, this means it’s too big and you need a smaller band size. On the other hand If the brand feels too tight or as though it is pinching your skin you should go up a band size. 

Excess Cup Fabric

Another clear warning sign that your bra is not fitting you correctly is excess material in your cup. This is a sign to go down a cup size because you want your breast to fill the entire cup area so you cannot pinch any excess fabric when the bra is worn. The issue will be most noticeable with non padded bras and may affect the way your outfit looks over the bra. 


Sports bras can cause equal discomfort when it comes to issues relating to ill fitting. Many women experience chafing which is caused by friction between the skin and fabric of the sports bra. The best way to avoid this is to see if it is possible to down size for a more snug fit. If it is not possible to down size, consider the design or construction of the bra and that it may not be right for you. You could try moving away from a compression style and look for wider components that will correct where chafing occurs. 

How to work out your bra size

The best way to avoid an ill fitting bra is to know how to measure your bra size. Learning how to measure your bra size can seem like too much effort and is easy to put off and avoid, but knowing your measurements is important because the bottom line is, you will need to buy new bras at some point in your life. If you know your size it will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to bra shopping, especially if you are buying online. All you need is a tape measure, the best fitting bra you own that is not padded and a spare minute. One bra size calculator we recommend is by Bras and Honey who stock a large range of the biggest bra brands.



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