The Best Stylish Suit for Men 

A suit is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. We’ve said it, so there.

There isn’t an exception. It will do the same for you as Gay Tales, a former journalist for the New Yorker, once observed that “putting on a well-made suit boosts my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps identify me as a man to who details count. “Even if you don’t work in an office, you’ll probably require a sharp, tailored look at whether it’s a wedding, job interview, or funeral, at least once a year.

And yes, a good suit will make you feel like a million bucks (figuratively speaking), but there are so many suits available that there is a good risk you could look really bad. Harry Styles, Donald Glover, and all the other top fashion icons have all worn suits at some point (and, to be honest, they know how to get it right).

In light of this, we decided it was time to put together a complete GQ guide. Thus, we can (and will) assist you whether you’re looking for a wedding suit that won’t break the bank or a wool suit appropriate for the winter. And before you doubt yourself and decide that none of the suits are under your budget, you’d be mistaken. Regardless of your budget, we have the best stylish men’s suits, Angelino for men.

Wedding suits

For an average wedding, formality needs to be your first concern. The greatest choice, according to Ben Clarke, head cutter at Richard James, is “an adaptable, ever-smart three-piece suit that flatters your dimensions.” It’s best to follow a color palette if one exists. When in doubt, a neutral mid-gray will go with anything and navy is versatile and flattering on everyone. It’s important to remember that a belt is never appropriate when sporting a waistcoat if you want to wear a three-piece suit.

“More casual attire in brighter tones with softer structure is preferable for weddings in sunny weather” (less padding and canvasses). During the summer, soft linens, cotton, and summer wool frescos all come into play, according to Clarke.

Additionally, while a wedding may be expensive, a guest’s outfit is not required to be. Whether you go to your favorite Marks & Spencer store or Alexander McQueen store, there’s always something for every budget without sacrificing fit.

Summer suits

With the onset of summer comes the opportunity to change outfitting. Summer suits, in contrast to their winter-friendly counterparts, should be, by their very nature, lighter, fashioned from more porous fabrics like linen, silk, or fine merino wool, and styled in pale, sun-reflecting colors, to mirror the warmer surroundings. Even better, you could take a cue from John Legend and wear suits in vibrant shades like yellow and purple.

You can also experiment a little more while wearing a summer suit, such as by ditching the shirt entirely and going shirtless like Dior and Louis Vinton’s runway models did, or by wearing a vest instead of a shirt, as Harry Styles and Kenya West frequently do.

Lounge suits

In the past, the lounge suit was a more casual alternative to a morning dress or a morning suit. But things have changed now. The definition of a lounge suit according to Ben Clarke is “these days, I would argue that a lounge suit is essentially a suit of two or three pieces that have all been cut from the same fabric.” Due to textile scarcity after World War II, the waistcoat essentially disappeared, giving rise to the two-piece lounge suit.

The phrase “lounge suit” as we use it today serves as a kind of catch-all for both two- and three-piece suits. If the dress code on your invitation says “lounge suit” rather than “cocktail attire,” you may consider work attire more appropriate than formal attire.

The majority of Men’s fashion clothing, Angelino that you see in stores or at work is actually lounge suits.

Made-to-measure suits

Although there are some excellent tailors on the high street right now, chances are an off-the-rack fit will never fit perfectly unless you were made like a model. Therefore, made-to-measure is a fantastic invention.

 Made-to-measure refers to a suit that is taken from a ready-made fit template and then tweaked by a tailor to fit you, giving you the ability to completely customize the finished item. If you want your suit to fit like a glove, you’ll probably have to opt for a tailored version.

 From Grieves & Hawke’s to Paul Smith, the majority of brands today provide a made-to-measure service.

Dinner suits

You will require a dinner suit if the occasion is black-tie. The traditional tuxedo, often known as the penguin suit, is stylish and well-fitted and may be worn in a variety of ways.

A traditional dinner suit consists of a jacket with one breast and jetted pockets. It regularly has height lapels or a scarf collar, which are each conventional and suitable and generally a product of silk, satin, or grosgrain. Notched lapels are frequently now no longer taken into consideration as suitable for a black-tie event. Then there is the daring, mismatched tux, which has been worn by celebrities like Timothy Chalmette, who wore a patterned dinner jacket with black, slim-fitting trousers.

The white jacket dinner suit is another option. White tie regulations are similar to those for a black tie; just make sure everything fits and steer clear of notched lapels (a bow tie is customary).


Everything is in the name. A classic fit suit is exactly what it sounds like: a kind of suit for men that is traditional, timeless, never goes out of style but is also not overly fashionable. Black tends to be more formal than light grey, which is more relaxed and breezy. The color navy will give you the most versatility for year-round, daily wear.


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