The best treatments to moisturize damaged hair

Every day our hair suffers the attack of dryers, irons, washes and dyes  in addition to the damage caused by summer, the pool and stress on the hair. Hence, it is essential to moisturize the hair to keep it healthy, beautiful and strong . Well-nourished hair survives your daily routine perfectly, preventing it from becoming frizzy, weakened, split ends, shiny…

A well-hydrated mane looks like another and is even easier to comb, that’s why I propose the  best treatments to nourish damaged and dry hair from your daily work because prevention is better than treating, don’t wait until your hair is very damaged to try it! the benefits of these products!

The best treatments to moisturize damaged hair

L’ Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Everpure Smoothing Cream is a highly nourishing treatment to hydrate and soothe color-treated hair to be used after washing as a conditioner . Dyes visibly dry and punish hair, which is why it is important to pamper it and use specific products such as this intense lotion for colored hair that is dehydrated. This cream is also free of sulfates and respects the hair fiber

Garnier Original Remedies “Honey Treasures” intense reconstitution mask that is specially formulated to treat damaged and brittle hair to repair and strengthen the mane through the properties of honey , royal jelly and propolis. Instantly leaves hair repaired and shiny . Using a good mask every time you wash your hair is a very wise decision to moisturize your hair.

Pantene Aqua Light Intensive Masque is the perfect choice if you have fine hair , low volume  or even oily hair , because it intensely nourishes, leaving hair healthy, strong and shiny, and without a greasy feel. If you have fine hair, it is true that masks and moisturizing lotions sometimes do not go well for straight or oily hair, but the solution is to choose specific treatments for fine hair.

Frizz-Ease Serum Original by John Frieda is a moisturizing and protecting hair treatment that is great for transforming hair, adding shine and effectively eliminating frizz , which is key to achieving a perfect result when drying and styling your hair. mane, especially to get beautiful and soft hair. It is applied without rinsing on wet and clean hair.

I love this Pantene 24 H Anti-Frizz lotion to moisturize my hair because it leaves it very nourished and frizz-free , I can no longer dry my hair and comb my hair without it. It leaves hair beautiful, soft and, unlike other products, it does not leave it without volume and protects your hairstyle from humidity.

Keratin is a very effective remedy for moisturizing damaged hair and rebuilding the hair fiber . With  Keramax liquid keratin you will achieve intense nutrition for your hair because it replenishes the natural keratin protein that the hair loses due to stress, dyes and heat. It is applied to damp hair, without rinsing.


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