Expert Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew A. Jacono Explains What Men Should Know About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can help men regain their youthful looks and self-confidence. It can also help them stay in step with workplace expectations and compete with younger colleagues.

As wonderful as cosmetic procedures are, Dr. Andrew A. Jacono notes that they aren’t trivial; in fact, they require careful thought and planning. As the Medical Director of the New York Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, Dr. Jacono has twenty years of experience working with male clients and also has valuable advice to prepare them for a successful surgical visit.

Dr. Andrew A. Jacono points out that, to get the best results, men should choose a surgeon with a successful track record and ample experience treating men. Clients should speak to a few surgeons before choosing the one they feel most comfortable with; a close doctor-patient relationship is important because it enables the surgeon to understand, and meet, the client’s needs and expectations.

To prepare for surgery, patients should maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Plastic surgeons recommend that patients keep their body mass index (BMI) below 30; overweight patients have a higher risk of experiencing complications, and stronger health habits will make results last longer. Although men should take things easy after surgery, they may resume gentle exercise as soon as their doctor permits.

With this in mind, Dr. Andrew A. Jacono encourages men who are considering plastic surgery to schedule a visit with a qualified surgeon. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women; developments in medical technology have made it possible for men to look younger without femininizing their features. This is largely because contemporary surgical procedures for men employ special techniques that, when executed properly, restore and amplify facial masculinity.

Plastic surgery can therefore help men “turn back the clock,” and because there are so many new and excellent procedures out there, the male population has never had better options. What’s more, post-surgical recovery time is shorter than it used to be, so the vast majority of men can return to work quickly. Still, as seasoned plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew A. Jacono notes, men shouldn’t take plastic surgery lightly, and should never pressure themselves into undergoing a cosmetic procedure if they aren’t absolutely sure that it’s what they want. This is why it is integral to plan surgery carefully and to consult the right surgeon who can make you look better than ever.


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