Skip the Stilettos: 4 Comfortable Shoes to Wear in the Office

Although stilettos are cute and trendy pair of shoes and can be used to dress up any outfit you have, there are so many other types of shoes out there that you can wear in the office that are more comfortable. Style is great but comfort is better, and when you have both, you have hit the shoe jackpot. The last thing you want to add to a stressful workday is an uncomfortable pair of shoes. So, skip ou4+t on your stilettos next time and choose one of these great options for comfortable work shoes.


These are the perfect choice for someone looking for some comfortable and stylish shoes. You can never go wrong with a good pair of flats. They pair well with any outfit. From dresses to skirts or pants you can find a pair of flats to go with them. There are also so many different styles so that you can pair them with a fancier outfit for those days you have an important meeting with your boss, or a more casual pair for the days you are just at your desk in your office. Either way flats are a great go-to shoe every woman should have in her closet. 

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These are a great choice for any day but are especially helpful if you walk around a lot at work because they are the closest thing to sneakers but are still chic and acceptable to wear in the office. You can go for a classic leather pair that will add a nice sleek look to your work attire if you want to dress it up or you can go for a pair of suede loafers that will add a more casual feel. Another great thing about loafers if you can just slip them on and off so they are perfect if you are on the go in the morning to just slip them on and still look cute and professional.  

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Kitten heels

Who says you have to compromise comfort for style? With kitten heels you don’t have to. If you are a heel enthusiast but just can’t stand to be in stilettos all day, kitten heels are about to become your new best friend. They are the perfect combination of heels and comfort. They are not too high so that your feet won’t be crying at the end of the day but still add that style and elegance that heels can do for your outfit. One of the greatest things about a kitten heel is the fact that they go with practically any and every outfit you wear in the office, so there’s no reason not to try a kitten heel.

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Boots are another comfortable pair of shoes to wear in the office. They also come in a wide variety to choose from so you can have a different type of boot no matter the day or time of year. You can go for the over the knee boots, knee high boots, or ankle boots. Another option that has been gaining popularity is the combat boots. These military inspired boots can be the perfect accent piece to your look and the best part is they are comfortable, durable and long lasting.  No matter which ones you choose make sure to choose a pair with a smaller or no heel to keep the comfort factor in your shoe choice.  

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There is no reason to stick with stilettos when these shoe options are out there with no compromise to your style or your comfort when it comes to the shoes you wear in the office. 



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