5 Foolproof Strategies Women Can Use For Winter Fashion

When it comes to fashion, it seems that there are many different options and trends always floating around. For a fashionable woman to keep up, she has to keep her ear to the ground, always observing influencers and designers in the fashion industry. Because of the ever changing temperature of this fluctuating industry, designers and influencers alike are always raising the bar and setting different standards for their peers.

However, when it comes to building an outfit for work, home, or play, there seems to be an age old standard that all fashion influencers adhere to. Typically, every great thing originates from an idea that has been and always will be the foundation for the industry. The same goes for the fashion world. There are foundational items you will need to include to make your outfit complete in order to look fashionable. With the winter months upon us, we asked our experts to give us their five best foundational techniques in fashion that every woman can use for their winter wardrobe. Here’s what they came up with.

#1 – The Scarf

In any fashion connoisseur’s closet, you will find a scarf. Many fashion designers rely on the scarf accessory to build on an already great outfit to make it perfect. Every woman who wants to be fashionable this year should have several neutral toned scarves in their closet in order to make them more versatile.


Mariangela Melato is probably the most popular for “working the scarf” because of the amazing ideas she has when it comes to this particular accessory. For many, the scarf is the difference between an outfit that is drab, and an outfit that will wow your co-workers and friends. The great characteristics of scarves is they come in many designs and fashion styles. From infinity scarves that wrap around your neck all the way to scarves that run the length of your entire outfit, the scarf has become a very versatile item to include this winter in your fashion.

#2 – The Shoe

No other industry has more changes than the women’s shoe industry. This specific gender controlled niche is always moving and shaking with the trends of fashion and it seems as though it never stands still in one place. If you’re trying to keep up with the latest fashion ideas, the shoe is probably going to be the most difficult to manage.

However, there are staples in shoes that will never go out of style and these are the shoes you need in your closet. Granted, not that you shouldn’t go buy those perfect pair of heels that will only be in style this season, but hey, you wanted them, right? That’s perfectly fine, but when it comes to solidarity, you can never go wrong with the basics. The shoes that will always be in style are the classic black pump, the ballerina flat, the slipper shoe, ankle boots, the OTK boot, white sneakers, and flat sandals. 

Out of all of these choices, there are many outfit options you can use to pair with your wardrobe this winter. Our style experts lean more towards the classic black than the sandals in winter months. While it’s fun to experience the bold heel with animal prints, it probably won’t be around for long so wear it proudly knowing you will always have a stylish shoe somewhere in your closet. 

#3 – The Coat

When you talk about winter fashion you can never forget about the variety of coats you have to choose from. Winter makes it fun for women who are updated on fashion because a great coat can build your personality and show your flair for style. Common foundational pieces that will always be top of mind with fashion designers and influencers are the trench coat, puffer jacket, and the long coat. These are staples in the industry and you can never go wrong when you have these in your closet.

#4 – The Jean

During the winter months you have swapped your shorts for a pair of warm jeans. Jeans of all types are always a great option when it comes to fashion at any time of the year. Paired with a great top, nice heel, and perhaps a jacket, you can take a pair of casual jeans and dress them up. 

Depending on your personality and style, you can choose from a pair of stone washed, ripped, or straight jean to compliment your wardrobe this year. For the most part, the jean itself is the staple and thankfully, there are lots to choose from. Make the most of your jeans and mix and match a lot of different pairs to determine which fashionable outfit you like the most. A good pair of jeans can make your outfit this year. 

#5 – Modest Fashion For the Win

When it comes to winter fashion, more and more women are turning towards midi dresses and maxi dresses. In 2018, British Vogue designers stepped out onto the runway with a complete line of modest items that are beginning to be the current trend in America. More and more ladies are discovering how modesty can work for their body style and personality. Fashion boutiques are selling modest dresses for women and it is quickly catching on.

The great thing about modest fashion is that there is a ton of great items to choose from. Depending on which winter month you’re in, you can mix and match your items to build your wardrobe with style. If you have never considered modest fashion for yourself, take some time to educate yourself about these boutiques because some of the smaller ones are making it worthwhile for their customers.

Just Be You

You can take all the time you want to read and learn more about the fashion trends of the season. You will definitely have enough reading material because the fashion industry is always changing. However, the most important foolproof strategy that most women forget about is themselves. The reason your fashion works is because you are who you are. Remember that and continue being you and your fashionable personality will always shine through.


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