7 Websites for Plus Size Clothing Needs

7 Websites for Plus Size Clothing needs

Shopping for Plus Size clothes is a task in itself, especially with major fashion forward brands not offering a size higher than XXL in all their stores and websites. Though the scene is slightly more favourable now with a lot of retail brands offering a small but definite range for its plus size customers, the shoppers have to make-do with the limited variety offered. If you are facing a similar situation while you are out shopping in a mall or online, don’t worry. We have a few options for you that cater exclusively to plus size shoppers and offer a variety that could make you happy. Here are they

  • aLL

aLL is a major brand when it comes to plus size fashion and has the coolest range of casuals and semi-formal wear. They have both retail stores in major cities in the country and an e-commerce website where you can shop from.

You can find them here http://allonlinestore.in/

  • RDKL-U

Trying to get a hang of the name? It’s called ‘Radical You’ and they have the most amazing range of casual wear clothes for men and women. They offer size variations from XS to 5XL which promises to serve all kinds of shoppers.

You can find them here https://www.rdklu.com/

  • Mustard Fashion

Trust Mustard to have you covered for you indo-western clothing needs. They offer a variety of clothes with the indian touch and are not exorbitantly prices. You can shop for their clothes in a couple of retail outlets they have in Hyderabad and Bangalore or shop conveniently from their website.

You can find them here http://www.mustardfashion.com/

  • Pluss

Another brand that understands what it is to be fashion forward and curves friendly. They boast of a large variety of clothing options for the plus size shopper so for once you can be exhausted by the large variety and not the absence of it. They have a couple of retail outlets and an active website complete with all your shopping needs.

You can find them here http://www.pluss.in/

  • Amydus

With claims of offering clothes that designed by industry experts to meet the plus size fashion needs, Amydus is a brand that is gaining steady popularity in the recent times. They offer a range of smart casuals and formals and can be shopped from their website.

You can find them here https://www.amydus.com/

  • LastInch

LastInch offers a range of 350 different designs and styles for you to shop from and updates its styles with every fashion season. They are also very moderately priced.

You can find them here http://lastinch.in/

  • ASOS

Let’s go international, shall we! If you a fashionista in the true sense of the word and want clothing options that keep up with the fashion trends on a daily basis, then ASOS is where you have to head. With prices on the range of moderate to high, the variety offered by this website is phenomenal. This is a website based in London but they do ship internationally so you can indulge.

You can find them here

What are you waiting for ladies, get rid of those fashion blues and shop!


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