Easy French Manicure at Home with No More Efforts

If you want a clean and stylish look, a French Manicure can give it the best way. This style can be done in your own home, and you need not visit any parlor or anything else. For a stunning look, you can have a grown nail; this will look awesome and attractive. French Manicure can add great looks and style. You can do all these things independently without spending huge money in the salon. There are various steps to complete this manicure procedure.

Steps for completing your French Manicure:

  • Make your nails ready.

Firstly, we need to clean our nails very well. Suppose you have applied any previous nail polish, then a cotton swab into a nail paint remover, and clean the nails properly. Ensure that the corners of your nails are completely cleaned and that no tresses of the previous nail polish remain.

If you use an acrylic coffin and wish to have a French Manicure, remember that the nail paint remover does not soak into it. It can dry your skin due to the presence of acetone in it. So, you can use the nail paint remover, which does not contain this chemical. This Manicure can work well if you have long nails but do not have the proper length of nails.

Then, you can trim the nails, but make sure that all of the nails have the same length. You can also use a nail file to shape your lovely nails. This will also make the ends of your nails smooth. After completing this step, you can move forward to the next step.

  • Stylish Shape to your Nails

French Manicure is best for any shape and style. But we suggest that you can have almond or square-shaped nails. And also, be aware that there are no broken edges because of that damage your style.

  • Buff Your Nails

This helps polish to stay for a longer period. A proper area should be selected for this buffing. This will help your polish and thus will increase your style of the nails. Some misconceptions are moving around as buffing is bad as it removes the layer of the nails, but this happens only when buffing is done incorrectly. So, it is safe to do and follow these steps.

  • Hydration of your hands

This helps you remove some of the dirt at the corners of the nails. This also increases the quality of the Manicure. This will help you efficiently apply your basic polish.

  • Push your cuticles back

Use an orange stick to push down your cuticles. Please do not trim your cuticles; this can give shelter to the infectious microorganisms and cause irritations to your skin. You can also massage some cuticle oil at this time. Make sure that you do not apply it more than some limit. This can cause your nails to become too brittle.

  • Apply the base coat

This base coat of the French Manicure is available in pale pink color, cream, or clear color. Start painting after applying the base coat. You can also buy French Manicure kits with a base coat if you want to have some other color than red, purple, blue, green, or any other color you like. You can use the contrasting color on the tips.

  • Applying the base polish

Now, this is the initial step in French Manicure. This needs two types of shades, first for the nail and the other for the end of the tips of the nail. You can try a different color combination, starting with a dark and then blending into the light, bright color at the tip of your nails. We also recommend having a natural nail coat, which will help you prevent your nails from getting damaged and prevent the yellowish appearance at the tips of the nails. This will also help your Manicure to last for a longer period, professionals never skip this step, and thus it will help your Manicure for the best.

  • Appling Polish to the Tip of the Nails

The tips are very important in French Manicure. It’s up to you what shape you prefer to keep on the tip of the nails. White polish is the most recommended for this nail’s tips; most professionals prefer this white color for the tips of the nails. Get a brush, start from the edges, and move inwards with different designs you prefer.

  • Apply pink shade on top of your Manicure

Pink is the favorite color of most ladies. To increase the look of the French Manicure, the end of the Manicure should be done with a pink shade. This makes your nails look more natural and attractive. This also helps in dead the nail imperfections and the yellowish appearance on the edges of the nails. This will add a great finish to the Manicure and will look awesome.

  • Finish thin layer with topcoat.

After completing all the steps of French Manicure, to complete your Manicure and set it for a longer period, you should add a thin layer of shiny top coat to it. It is nonsticky and keeps your nails for a longer period.


This article has come across various steps leading to the best French Manicure. All this will increase the attractiveness of your nails to the next level and boost your inner confidence. And this will also make you stand out from the crowd as everyone would wear their traditional acyclic coffins. You will be the most attractive because the French Manicure looks natural and it is easy to do by yourself and with no extra effort. So, if you want to increase the looks of the nails, you should go for it; it is the best one.


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