Best Contactless Credit Card Readers for Pet Store

Pet owners often have their hands full of animals, food and care supplies. A contactless point of sale system can make purchasing pet products as stress-free as possible. Learn more about how to streamline the operation of any pet store with the Clover Station POS system.

Process Every Species of Payment

Pet store owners open the door to make more sales by ensuring an establishment can accept every major payment type. All Clover POS hardware, from the Flex to the Mini and Station, ships ready to function as a contactless POS system in addition to being able to accept cards with magstripes or EMV chips as well as near field communication payment methods through cards or smartphones.

Customers of pet stores want to be able to check out securely using their preferred payment method. Clover systems come ready to take practically any method of payment. This POS hardware is also available with optional peripherals such as a locking cash drawer. Store owners appreciate the ability to process transactions at affordable rates. Clover is among the best options in terms of transaction fee, hardware and software pricing.

Keep Customers’ Hands Free

Whether or not a pet store allows customers to bring in pets, pet owners may need to buy armloads of supplies. A simple contactless checkout solution can make it easier to purchase products and get items ready to load out. Rather than having to locate a wallet or payment information, a customer can pay with a contactless card or device. After customers adjust to these changes, this set up allows for faster and easier transactions.

Pet stores have a responsibility to promote the health of customers and their pets. Payment equipment that makes it possible for customers to use cards or devices to pay without making physical contact can be much more sanitary. No matter what equipment a store uses, employees should sanitize touch screens and other surfaces that require contact to promote health and safety.

Guard Sensitive Billing Information

One of the best features of the Clover credit card machine is the security of payments. Contactless payments are one of the most secure ways for customers to pay, in terms of card-present transactions. No matter whether a customer uses a card, NFC payment device or any other payment method, store owners can count on Clover to keep financial information secure.

Clover POS systems meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These systems arrive payment ready and with built-in multi-layered security. For transactions that require the use of an on-screen pin pad, the touch screens in these systems are fully PCI PTS 4.0 compliant. These POS systems securely process every payment method.

When customers come to a pet store, they expect a easy, fast and secure checkout process. A Clover POS systems such as the Flex, Mini or Station can provide the perfect solution for pet store owners. The extent of store inventory and the types of transactions an operation needs to process will determine whether a store needs to use the Clover Register Lite or Register software plan.


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