When Did Sequined Garments Start And How It Works?

Garments made of sequins appear so elegant and classier than others without. In the past centuries, wealthy people preferred wearing sequined clothes. It is believed to signify their life status and cultures by means of fancy garments. We will also find out how sequins are sewn to a particular fabric. 

The History of Sequins 

Sequin comes from the Arabic word “Sikka” which means coin, and later on called zecchino, a Venetian word. In the 16th century, it was named “Sequin”, a French word. It is among the ancient parts of garments during the late centuries. 

Seamstresses in the past years took hours to sew formal gowns and suits. However, the results are beautifully polished with disks of metal. Until they discovered a new trend of sewing. 

The history of sequins began in 1922. It is when the archeologists found the garments of Tutankhamun, an Egyptian Pharaoh. The splendid clothing is made of pure gold tiny disks. This news has spread all over the Western fashion industry. It is discovered that there are more artifacts found in the King’s tomb, including a hundred metal sequins. 

More lightweight sequins were created in the 1930s using lead paint in gelatin colors. They look stunning but less durable at low temperatures and may easily dissolve in water. 

Within the said decade, Herbert Lieberman has discovered acetate sequins while in the film production of Eastman Kodak. He is assigned to work on sparkling dance costumes to be used in the film. 

Nowadays, sequins are made of plastic. Many textiles are composed of additional sequin designs. Identifying the fabric can help to end up with the appropriate sewing techniques.

Why Sequined Gowns Become More Popular?

Sequins were used during the 1900s and are still one of the popular embroidery items these days. People love adding sequins to their outfits because of their stunning and sparkling effect. It is often worn at night parties to emphasize its beauty.

Moreover, sequined gowns are at a reasonable price with a lot of possible options. It best suits any stage performers that need to shine in front of audiences. 

They are sold at various prices but will surely deliver a high-quality outfit for your next dance competitions. You heard it right, sequined garments are perfect for competing. 

Hand-Sewing Techniques With Sequined Garments

The nature of the fabric plays a vital role in determining how the sewing process goes. Working with embellished fabrics can be complicated up to the finishing touches. They are suitable for hand-sewing to properly add the sequins to the garment. You may also choose to use a machine in attaching the sequins. Either way will work according to your skills and needs. 

The following are the few steps to create an embellished garment at home:

Prepare Sewing Materials 

A thin small needle would do in attaching sequins to your garment. When it comes to choosing an embroidery thread, make sure it matches the color of the sequins and the fabric. Invisible threads are available for your choice. 

Attach Sequins Individually 

Sequins come in different shapes and sizes with holes in the middle or edges. Start from its middle hole, in one direction to look better. Do several stitches to ensure it won’t detach from the fabric. 

Do it all over again with another sequin to be attached in a row. Make two straight stitches to secure the sequins. 

Watch video tutorials to better understand how the stitching goes. It might be complicated at first but practicing can make things easier. 

Adding Sequins on Garments Through A Sewing Machine

A sewing machine benefits professional garment makers to produce more stunning gowns and suits quickly. It is a good investment for developing your embroidery skills and techniques. 

Free motion embroidery is applied in attaching sequins on garments using a sewing machine. It is better to use larger sequins and a monofilament nylon thread to get started. The process would be simpler by stretching the fabric on the hoop while keeping the sequins in place. It takes a lot of skills to do the stitching part. 

Make a stitch from one sequin hole to another until your desired look happens. Call for an expert’s help, to begin with. 

Where To Buy Sequin Gowns Online? 

Buying sequin dance gowns is now easier with a lot of manufacturers selling online. The gowns come in a variety of styles to suit your desired theme. All the options are proudly handmade and equipped with high-quality materials, including dazzling sequins. Each costume will leave a “wow” factor to the audiences for a wonderful party experience. 

Charismatico accepts customized gown designs. Just select the type of gown subject for alterations and send your measurements and color choices. The company will then deliver the gown to your doorstep. 

New arrivals of sequined gowns are now posted on Charismatico’s official website. You can check them out! 

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, the use of sequins started in a unique manner in the 1900s. It has caught the fashion industry’s attention right away, making it the most popular material for embroidery. It additionally makes gowns and suits more stunning and glamorous on stage. Most stage performers prefer sequined garments because of their more appealing looks. 

Attaching sequins on a garment by yourself requires a lot of practice before producing the best possible results. Luckily, sequined gowns and suits are made available online and in physical stores to choose from. 


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