Tips to Make Your Ponytail Look Fuller and More Voluminous

Going clubbing with the girls? Or just to a fun Selena Gomez concert with your friends? A high ponytail is a great hairstyle to go for such occasions and your outfit! But your thin hair won’t give you a full, bouncy ponytail? No worries, we got your back!

There are many ways of turning your flat ponytail fuller and more voluminous. Curling your hair or adding texture spray or dry shampoo is great for thicker-looking ponytails. A ponytail wrap is another great idea that adds length and body to your hair. Many other such great ideas are outlined below. Let’s check them out!

Use a texturizing spray

Partition your hair and apply a texturizing spray or dry shampoo throughout the length and even at the roots. This makes your ponytail appear full, especially towards the tail. Sectioning it will make it puffier and appear thicker anyhow. The spray adds extra volume and shine!

Get your curls on!

Another great trick is to volumize your ponytail. Curl your hair in alternate directions to add texture and give a natural finish. Back brush the body and ends of your ponytail to keep it fluffy. For a fuller and bouncy look, curl the ends of your ponytail to make a flip! A rod curling iron works wonders for longer hair, while a flat iron is great for curling shorter hair. You can use curly ponytail extensions to give shorter hair more depth and volume.Every girl can buy a favorite weave ponytail extensions from unice hair to transform her look just in one minutes.

First Mousse, then Blowdry!

Many may find this advice absurd, but it surprisingly works! Applying a little mousse to your wet hair before blow-drying it gives you a thick, bouncy pony. A creamy and light mousse will do the work just fine. Popular to contrary beliefs, your hair won’t be crunchy or crack. Make sure to wet your hair before applying the mousse, though properly.

Two are better than one!

This is another great way to get a voluminous and fuller-looking ponytail! Simply partition your hair into upper and lower portions first. Now, tie the bottom half into a secure ponytail. After this, tie the upper half into another ponytail so that it falls right over the first one.

This will cover the lower ponytail and make the upper one look fuller and thick. People who see you will take it for a single, long ponytail. Alternatively, those with thin hair can use a wig with a headband. They are a FULLY protective style. Since this is a full cap wig, this look offers complete protection of your natural curls.Trying on a wig with headband can give you a good perspective on the length and style,if you are intent to try this wig,visit:

Add a little poof to your ponytail

The ponytails of people with fine hair tend to fall flat! A great way to prevent this is to add a little poof and prop it up. Make an X with two bobby pins at the bottom of your ponytail. This gives your ponytail a boost and gives it an extra loft! You can even use two hair ties to prop your ponytail up a little extra.

Use a ponytail wrap

So what is a ponytail wrap, you ask? It is an extension that clips in around the base of your ponytail. There are many extensions online in different hair colors and textures. They add volume and make ponytails look more lively, and full, and add some length too.

A useful tip to keep in mind – Before tying the extension, secure your hair as tightly as possible. The extension is a bit heavy and may loosen your hair and make it floppy. These wonderful extensions last around two years with proper care.

Use bobby pins and a ponytail holder!

Ponytail holders are getting pretty popular nowadays! You may have seen a commercial or two showcasing how they perk your ponytails right up! To use them, pass your hair through the ponytail holder once. Now press each end with your fingers and secure them properly.

Although it looks like a hair scrunchie, it comes in different hair colors and different textures for all hair types. Ponytail holders give a good lift. Also, as mentioned earlier, use bobby pins to hold that ponytail securely in place. You even get pins in different colors to camouflage right in!

Tease those lovely locks!

One of the basic tricks used by many hairstylists is easily done using a fine-tooth comb and some dry shampoo. First, apply dry shampoo to different hair partitions. Now tease each lock lightly using a fine-toothed comb. Finally, hold it in place using hairspray. Concentrate more on the back and top of the head where the base of the ponytail is located.

Everyone loves an awesome and bouncy ponytail! But our hair texture doesn’t let us have it most of the time. We hope the above tips helped you add more volume and thickness to your ponytails. With a few bobby pins and hair spray, you can have a perky ponytail all day long!


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