Best Skincare Brands in Toronto

Shopping locally is in vogue now, more than ever! And if the recent stay-at-home routine has turned you into a pyjama-wearing lady, it’s time to take a refreshing break, and take that beauty routine up a notch. Planning to add some new colors and fragrances to your makeup drawer this season? Why not opt for the brands that are proud to start their journey in Toronto itself? Below, we’ve compiled a list of refreshing beauty brands and the products that originate from Toronto itself and are gradually making it big even internationally. 

Victoria Radford’s Glow Power Primer:

A fashionable woman dedicated to beauty and holistic medicine, Victoria Radford designed her beauty products for the busy woman of today. A brand that is known to follow the  highest standards of sustainability and transparency, Radford’s skincare products are a delight! Update your makeup drawer with the new glow power primer – a delightful base for makeup – turning your skin into a flattering shade of uniform glow and radiance. Evening out your skin surface was never so easy, and quick!

Kaia Naturals’ Charcoal Deodorant and Detox

‘Natural’ is the buzzword today, and Mary Futher’s Kaia collection on Charcoal deodorants, underarm bars, etc. is a testimonial to everything that is natural and more! The unique collection includes super awesome detox hot baths, dry shampoos, facial wipes, charcoal deodorants, and others.

Try out the natural deodorant that can be a great addition to your bathroom cabinet. The Charcoal Deodorant and Detox uses charcoal as the central ingredient due to its toxin removing natural qualities. With regular use of this product, you can successfully detox your underarm area (2-4 weeks long process), giving the underarms a natural breather and fragrance. 

Bite Beauty’s Buy One Get One Free Lip Crayons:

Bite Beauty pride itself to be a name that’s super clean and still high performing! The sensational collection of lustful colors that is made from superfoods – antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredients. The huge collection has all shades and hues that you’ll ever need and perhaps more.

Add color to the dullness of stuck-at-home life! Treat yourself with a delicious matte lip crayon, and get another absolutely free of charge. This winter’s collection is refreshing and includes desert-inspired lip care and color range. The vivid colors and vibrant color choices makes it an absolute must-have addition to the makeup collection. 

F Miller Skincare’ super Cool Necessity Kit :

In her own words, Fran Millers shares an interesting anecdote, “I started F. Miller in 2014 because I could not find the skincare I wanted – a paed-back roster of select staples, luxurious in their inherent minimalism. Effective natural products created from the highest quality ingredients and meticulously formulated for daily use.“ Miller is super-conscious of eco-friendliness and uses environmentally friendly materials for packaging. 

No use of synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, or GMO is emphasized by the brand.

Find a cool collection of beauty products that range from face products, to hair and body products, and meaningful kits. A cool addition to a travel bag, the Necessity Kit is a cute combination of travel-friendly and usable set of products that can come handy while you’re on the road; face oil, body oil, cleansing oil, toning mist, and the absolute essential lip balm. 

Province Apothecary’s Limited Edition Facial Ritual Kit:

Province Apothecary’s founder Julie Clark’s products are a treat for sensitive skinned ladies! Julie’s personal experiences with sensitive skin prompted her to take an extra effort towards holistic skincare. Her products are a curious mix of natural ingredients derived from aromatherapy & ingredients that go soft for sensitive skinned ladies. She takes special pride in taking all ingredients from local produce, which means they are seasonal and super-fresh. 

Feel absolutely happy in your own skin with the magical Limited Edition Facial Ritual Kit. Allow yourself a calm and relaxing weekend with this complete home facial that detoxifies your skin in half an hour!

Evio Beauty’s brand new eye Mascara:

The mission statement says it all – create a kind and conscious future! The 21 years old dreamy-eyed founder Brandi Leifso vision is a testament to how nature and man can co-exist without harming each other. Evio beauty products are absolutely safe, and natural, and are infused with a lot of kindness (the company donates for every single product that it sells). The collection ranges from skincare to makeup to lifestyle, and the stunning products are sold at pocket-friendly prices only. 

Check out the high-rated new Mascara that gives a nice boost to your precious eye lashes. All the products are cruelty free, toxic free, vegan, and made with strong, ethically conscious choices. 

Stellar Beauty’s Limitless Foundation: 

Monika Deol’s exquisite line of beauty products are rewarding and promise a stellar, camera-ready look! Few years ago, Monika decided to explore the medium skin tones’ unexplored market place, and now proudly presents whooping 35 different shades for the skin. The foundations are natural, cruelty free, and gluten free. 

Find yourself best matched foundation from a limitless range of 35 shades that are easy to blend with almost any skin tone. The exciting range in products is simply revolutionary – primers, matter primers, blush, face setting powder, you name it. Do check out an exciting tutorial on how to apply foundation like a pro! 

Niu Body’s Detox Green Clay Mask: 

A brand that started its journey with just a small sum of $4000 in 2017, Niu Body has come a long way. The founders, Connie Lo and Laura Burget, make affordable natural skincare products from lux and plant based eco friendly ingredients. Their vision is simple – to create natural, effective and affordable skincare delights which can benefit everyone. The company has recently rebranded itself to the name ‘Three Ships’, and is currently selling hot in Canada and even internationally. 

Check out high rated deep cleansing Detox Green Clay Mask that combines the French green clay with green tea extract, giving a natural radiance and boost to skin’s health. It’s also a great product to get rid of unforgivable blackheads! For natural skin care products check out Edible Beauty organic skincare range. 

Cela Skincare’s Seed to Skin line of luxury beauty products: 

An organization whose vision is a testimonial to adaptability and endurance of the precious mother nature, Cela is a luxury brand that makes everything with a local flavor. 

Celine Tadrissi, the founder, uses plant extracts to produce an authentic Canadian line of skincare products. The company takes pride in making use of locally made products that add a tinge of authentic Canada experience to its fashionable beauty products. 

Find the highly-rated and much loved Seed to Skin Scrub that’s made from a curious mix of finely milled Amazonian cupuacu seeds, Abyssinian oil, shea butter, cedarwood, orange peels, etc. The products are specially designed to match the demands of harsh cold climate of the northern areas, and thus blend the botanical extracts that are available regionally. 

Celin’s spa in downtown Toronto is a delight to all the senses, and must not be missed!

There’s nothing more refreshing than a beautiful lady, all dolled up, and ready to take on the streets of Toronto with a radiant smile and skin of course. Stock up with the best skincare beauty brands based out of Toronto, and shine like a star like you are always supposed to! 


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