Six awesome personalized return gift ideas for kids on your child’s birthday

You have spent days preparing for the most important day of the year, i.e. your child’s birthday. You have planned the caterer, the décor, the cake, the clown and everything. Wait! Have you not thought about the return gifts for kids?

Planning a child’s birthday is not a child’s play. We need to take care of the most exclusive category of guests, i.e. the small children. An excellent way to put a smile on their face at the end of the party is by giving them an exciting return gift. Kids return gifts are comparatively easier than the other parameters of the party, but it’s always good to do something out of the box. You can consider the following ideas before finalizing the birthday return gifts for kids.

School Bag Tags:

Kids nowadays absolutely love tags. School Bag tags based on popular children’s themes like StarWars, Barbie, Transformers, Marvel and DC characters, High School Musical, etc. can be a great and economical birthday return gift for kids. Other types of school bag tags are also available which have titles and quotes written on them. You can also order customized school bag tags with names or nicknames of children written on it.

Pencil Pouch:

Pencil pouches are a very important commodity for school going children and they love to have multiple of them. You can order customized pencil pouches according to the age group and interest areas of children. You need to be careful with the colours while distributing them as young boys and girls have distinct choice of colours.

Piggy Bank:

Most kids return gifts are in the form of games and toys. All parents want their children to inculcate the habit of saving money from the beginning. Piggy banks are a great way to sow the seed of savings in a child’s mind.

Framed Collage:

If your child has a group of friends, then you can make a personalized collage using their pictures. The value of this return gift will increase with time, and all the children will treasure the beautiful gifts for their lifetimes.

Puzzle Games:

Exciting puzzle games make awesome return gifts for kids. You can get the Rubik’s cube, wooden puzzles and pictorial puzzles. In addition to it, you can also opt for board games like snake and ladder, chess, and ludo. Puzzles help in enhancing the thinking ability of children and are great for brain exercise. Customized picture puzzles are also available in online stores.

Water Bottles:

If you want to keep it simple and economical, then you can go for water bottles. Please ensure that the water bottles that you are going to buy are of a good brand and permitted quality. You can try some innovation by using name-plates to customize the water bottles. For water bottles also, you need to be careful with the colours an


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