Have Chubby Cheeks?

Fat on any part of the body is just not welcome. Deposits of fat on your face can actually give you a bloated look and ruin all your efforts to look beautiful. There can be a number of reasons that can be the cause of chubby cheeks. Being overweight is just one of them. The other reasons that could give you a chubby look are dehydration, imbalanced diet, side effects of certain medicines, health related problems and even aging.

However, no matter what the underlying reason for your cheek fat, you can actually lose it with some easy remedies and simple exercises. Want to know how? Here are some tricks that can help you get rid of the cheek fat within no time.

Diet Tricks and Tips to Lose Cheek Fat

1. Water

Most often than not, lack of water intake can cause your cheeks to puff up. This mainly happens when the body starts retaining water to prevent getting dehydrated. However, this leads to retention of toxic agents as well and leads to a puffy look. So if you want to avoid that bloated look on the face, make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water a day.


2. Balanced Diet

A balanced diet containing lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts can work wonders for the way you look. Such a diet helps to flush out the toxic agents and waste from your body and prevent storage of fat. Thus, this is a sure shot way to get a leaner face. Also, watching your salt intake can also help you to get a lean look. With its capability to enhance the water retention, too much salt can give you a bloated look.

3. Calcium Rich Food

Did you know that consuming required amounts of calcium every day can actually prevent water retention in your body? So, if you have not been taking in enough calcium, it is time to do that to get rid of your chubby cheeks. Including calcium rich foods like spinach, broccoli, milk, curd, salmon etc will help. You can also ask your doctor to recommend a calcium supplement for quicker results.

In case, you want quick results, complementing your diet with some suitable exercises can help in reducing the puffiness of your cheeks.

Exercises to Lose Cheek Fat

1. Blowing Air

This is one of the best exercises for your cheek and helps in getting rid of the cheek fat. Fill your cheeks with air and make your lips look like a small ‘o’. Now start blowing out the air from your mouth slowly. Do this for as long as is comfortable for you. Then relax your cheek muscles and start all over again. Repeat the steps at least 5 times.


2. Fishy Lip Smile

Do you know want fish lips is? Well, when you suck in your cheeks to pucker your mouth, the end result is known as fish lips. So, first make your lips into fish lips. Once you have perfected the pucker look, try to smile with these lips. Hold the smile for as long as 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

3. Closed Lip Smile

Smiling with your lips help tightly together is another great way to lose fat from your cheeks. Keep your lips together and smile widely ensuring that the lips do not separate. Hold this smile for as long as you can. Repeating this exercise at least 8 to 10 times will help you lose cheek fat.

4. Jaw Exercises

These exercises are highly recommended by fitness experts to lose the fat on your cheeks. Open your mouth and then jut your lower lip forward. This in turn will move your lower jaw forward causing a stretching in your cheeks. Hold this position for 8 to 10 seconds and then move your jaw back. Repeat these steps for 5 minutes.

5Air Rotation Exercises

Fill your mouth with a small quantity of air and place it under the upper lip. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and then transfer the air to your right cheek. Repeat the same steps and keep transferring the air in all directions in your mouth. Doing this exercise 10 times a day will help in reducing the cheek fat.

Regular facial massages can also help in reducing the fat on your cheeks. Also, applying hot towels and applying steam to the face can also evade the puffy cheeks. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and incorporate these tricks in your daily routine and bid good bye to chubby cheeks.


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