Here’s Why You Should Let Kids Pick Their Outfits

As kids get older, they want to have more control over what they do and what they wear. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to take a step back and let them choose and wear what they want to. Even if it is for the wrong season, or if it doesn’t match, you must give kids the freedom to pick their outfits, and here are a few reasons why:

It Allows Them to Express Their Individuality

All kids are individual and they are unique, and when you allow them to express their individuality, they begin to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. Their individuality may mean that they wear a mismatched outfit, or it may mean that they don’t look how you want them to look. However, letting them learn through trial and error is important. If you hold them back or stop them from trying out styles and combinations, then they may build resentment toward you. Through different styles and items of clothing, kids can see what suits them, and what works well with their skin tones and complexions, which will help them love their looks a little bit more.

Inspiring and Building Confidence

Kids need empowerment in any shape or form they can get it. Quite often, you will find that kids who have been through a rough patch struggle with their self-esteem. For instance, those in foster care, or those seeking placements with, may struggle with their confidence. They may wish to be different, or they may wish to act or look different from what they do. When kids have issues with confidence, you can give them control by letting them pick their clothes and style. They need the confidence to know what works for them, and they need to strengthen their confidence to try new things.

Building Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a big thing for kids of all ages. If kids suffer from low (or poor) self-esteem, then you may find they are never true to themselves. They may always be holding back, or never realizing their full potential, perhaps because of self-esteem issues. Building self-esteem through clothes and decision-making will help you to raise confident and awe-inspiring kids who are not afraid to be different, and not afraid to wear what makes them feel good. If self-esteem is poor, you may find that kids do not push themselves as hard as they can. They may end up settling instead of striving for more.

Enabling Them to Make Decisions

As kids get older, they need to learn to make decisions. When they pick their clothes, they begin to make decisions, and they begin to take decisive action. Making the final call, and deciding on what to wear, with what, and when, will help children make decisions in other areas of their life. Small things such as which shoes or socks to wear may seem trivial. However, when you look at it, you see that it is just a smaller part of a larger jigsaw puzzle.


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