What To Look For When Choosing HGH Products

Human growth hormone, HGH, is commonly prescribed for adults and children who do not produce enough on their own because of a condition or injury affecting the pituitary gland. It also has off-label uses for things like muscle gain, fighting the signs of aging and more. When you decide to add these products to your health regimen, it is important to know what to look for so you can maximize benefits while minimizing risks and costs.

Pills vs Injections

Supplements and prescriptions are expensive, so it is tempting to find the cheapest HGH pills or sprays to take instead of going for costly prescription pills or injections, but many of the cheapest products will have little or none of the hormone present. The most effective way to add HGH to your system is through talking to your doctor about getting a prescription for injections or for pills he or she finds effective. It is also a good idea to research the manufacturer and vendor of the products you purchase to ensure that they have histories of providing safe and effective products.

Dosage Levels

As with any substance, the dosage levels of HGH determine whether it is ineffective, helpful or toxic to your system. Many of the least expensive products claiming to have this hormone in them will not have effective dosage levels present or not be in a form effectively absorbed by the body. Too high levels of HGH can lead to worsened side effects and life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Your physician can tell you the right dosage levels for your needs, and you can check manufacturers to find the best purity with the least amount of fillers.

You can buy Tesamorelin online if you follow the right procedure. This is because this supplement is not suitable for human consumption and is sold only for laboratory research. Besides, it is not labeled as a food, drug, or cosmetic. This way, it can be used without fear of any potential side effects. You should always check the labels of the product before buying it. However, you can use it as directed by your doctor.

Doctor Recommendations

Your doctor will make HGH dosage recommendations, as well as recommend injections or pills, based on your medical history, other treatments and prescriptions, and your needs. He or she will take routine blood tests to make sure your levels are where they should be and check in with you monthly to talk about how the treatment is working for you and any developing side effects. Sometimes you will need to visit your doctor for injections and others you can administer them yourself. You can also ask your doctor to give you recommendations on which manufacturers and vendors are the best to source your HGH from, but registered pharmacies are your best bet for purity and recommended dosages.

Side Effects

There are some side effects to watch out for when taking HGH, whether you are taking it as a child or adult and regardless of your diagnosis. Some of the ways that this hormone helps genetic or injury-related conditions are ways that the side effects can appear such as thickening of bones, hardening of the skin, and abnormal hair growth. Head and muscle aches, swelling of the hands and feet, as well as joint discomfort are also possible side effects.

Human growth hormone, HGH, can be found in pill, spray or injection form and is an approved treatment for various conditions and syndromes faced by both children and adults. It can be prescribed by a doctor and found through registered pharmacies as pills or injections, or it can be found in some over-the-counter supplements as sprays or pills.


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