How Long Do Fake Lashes Last

Extensions for your eyelashes. They can make a big difference in anyone’s appearance. Take care of them and they can last as long as six to eight weeks. Fake eyelashes will last for up to 20 uses. Read on to learn how to care for your preferred eye enhancers.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Extensions are individual fibers that a certified professional apply to your lashes. Usually, these fibers are 6 to 18 millimeters long. They are made of synthetic material, human hair, animal fur, faux mink, or silk. Your stylist will apply between 80 and 150 of them to create a fuller look around the eye.

Depending on your eye shape, you could have a combination of extensions applied. Fibers vary in their length and curvature to suit your eye shape, but it takes a professional to apply them in a way that accentuates your natural beauty.

It can take one to two hours to apply all of the individual fibers because of the delicate work and how many need to be applied. Prepare to spend two hours of your time when you get them done.

How Long Do Extensions Last?

With proper care, your lash extensions should last as long as your natural hair growth cycle. This is generally six to eight weeks.

If you are not careful, they could last only a few weeks. 

You can get refills during another appointment after two or three weeks to fill in any lost extensions and extend the life of your look.

How to Maintain Extensions

Do not get the extensions wet during the first 48 hours after they are applied. This means avoiding the water during a shower or when washing your face. This helps the glue to set securely for the best possible outcomes.

After you get extensions, sleep on your side and try using a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid pulling out any fibers in your sleep. Try not to rub your eyes and reduce friction in any way you can.

You will not need mascara, so do not apply mascara and ditch the lash curler while you have your extensions. This helps reduce the threat of pulling out any fibers. Clumping mascara and waterproof formulas are especially bad ideas when you have extensions.

Try not to use heavy creams or oils around your eyes, because these could interfere with the adhesive.

To help keep your new extensions looking fresh, you can gently brush them with a spoolie and even condition them with serum.

Care for Fake Eyelashes 

An alternative to extensions is fake eyelashes you can apply yourself. These come in full fans of fibers instead of individual fibers. They are made of the same materials as lash extensions.

There are a few different types of fake eyelashes. You can buy them in strips, buy magnetic fibers, buy individual eyelashes, or buy a hybrid. Each type has benefits, and you should compare them for weight, look, and ease of application.

Fake eyelashes last usually up to 20 uses with proper care.

To take care of fake eyelashes, take them off before you go to bed. Remove them by peeling the lash strip from your eyelid. Peel off the layer of glue and clean them with micellar water or makeup remover before storing them in a protective case.

You can wear mascara, but doing so can shorten the life of your fake eyelashes. If you choose to use mascara, clean them properly to remove buildup.

Taking proper care of your false eyelashes will lead to them lasting longer. Whether you choose to get professionally-applied extensions or apply your own set, taking good care of them will lead to weeks of fresh looks.




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