Natural Magnetic Lashes: How Do They Work?

Natural magnetic lashes seem like a mystery. Not having to use glue and they last all day seems like it is too good to be true. So, to get to the bottom of it all, how do they work? Figuring out how these magnetic lashes work will surely clear up the mystery of how they work so well without any pain and provide amazing results. 

The Lash

The lash itself is very similar to the false lashes already on the market. Many are made with natural fibers and hair to provide a very natural look. The difference between traditional false lashes and magnetic false lashes is the strip that holds the lashes. On a normal fake lash, it has no special properties, with a magnetic lash the strip has very small magnets that will connect to other magnetic pieces to stay in place. With a magnetic lash, there is no glue required and provides the same look as a normal false eyelash. 

The Locking Mechanism

For every pair of magnetic eyelashes, there is an accompanying locking mechanism to attach the lashes to your eye. There are two common types. The usual type is a small magnetic strip that clips together with your magnetic eyelashes. The other corresponding locking mechanism is magnetic eyeliner. Magnetic eyeliner is very similar to traditional eyeliner, but it has microscopic pieces of iron oxide to give it magnetic properties to connect with the magnetic lash. The magnetic eyeliner comes in gel and liquid form so that you can choose which you prefer. If you usually wear eyeliner, magnetized eyeliner would be a good choice for you. Whether you prefer the magnetic strip or magnetic eyeliner, both are very good at securing a magnetic eyelash to your eye. 

The Application

The application of the magnetic eyelashes is fairly simple. Many people do have a learning curve when it comes to applying them, but once you get used to it, it becomes very simple. The application is slightly different for the magnetic strip versus the magnetic eyeliner. For the magnetic strip, you are essentially sandwiching your natural eyelashes between the magnetic strip and the false eyelash. You will want to get the magnetic strip as close to your waterline as possible to achieve the most natural look. This will give you a seamless blend of your true and false lashes. 

With the magnetic eyeliner, you apply it just like you would regular eyeliner. With the gel eyeliner, you will use a thin flat brush to apply the liner above your eyelashes. You will want to get it as close as possible to the base of your eyelashes. You will then simply lay the magnetic eyelash on top of the magnetic eyeliner and it will connect. Once you get it in the correct placement you are all set for your day or night. Some people even like to do a coat of mascara on top of the true and false lashes to blend them together and create a more cohesive look. 

The Removal

The removal of magnetic false lashes is very simple. With a magnetic strip connector, you simply pull the two magnets apart to remove the magnetic eyelash. With the eyeliner application, you can pull the magnetic eyelash off of the eyeliner and store or throw away. To remove the eyeliner, you can use your preferred makeup remover to remove the eyeliner. Then wash your face gently with a mild cleanser to remove any excess eyeliner. Both methods of removal are very simple and should cause you no pain or discomfort. 

Magnetic eyelashes are truly very simple. They offer the same look as a traditional false lash, without all the fuss and mess. Magnetic eyelashes connect via very small magnets to a magnetic strip or magnetic eyeliner. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional false lashes, magnetic lashes are the next place to turn. 


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