How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly

Applying flawless finish foundation can be tricky. When applied correctly, it can help to make our faces look so smooth and bright that we can give off an almost angelic looking glow. If done incorrectly, instead of trying to hide our bumps, wrinkles and or lines, we enhance them. Foundation is the base to our makeup routine which can easily be one of the most important steps when trying to achieve a perfect finish. If you are unsure on how to apply foundation then keep reading because we will teach you how to apply it flawlessly!

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Cleanse and moisturize

When applying makeup, many people go straight to their foundation and put it directly onto their face. This is a big no-no as I can not stress the importance enough to cleanse and moisturize first! Foundation can dry out our skin so if we are not moisturizing, our foundation can look not only caked on, but also crack throughout the day. Stay away from this simply by spending two minutes prior to applying any foundation by cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Trust me, you will thank us later. 

Coverage and shade

There are many different types of foundation on the market today. Most foundations sit between sheer, medium and full coverage. Sheer is a lightweight foundation which tends to be transparent. It will brighten up your face, but not exactly hide blemishes. If you have a bit of redness and just want to even out your skin a little, use a medium foundation. Lastly, full coverage is used to really hide blemishes, marks, discoloration, etc. Depending on your skin type, pick the best type of coverage for you and your needs. 

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Once we have the type of coverage down we need to pick the shade. Picking your right shade can be a little tough and takes time. Everyone has a different complexion! The shade is important because we do not want to make our skin look darker than it really is or lighter. This will cause an uneven skin tone.

Applying your Foundation

Once you have the right coverage and shade picked, it is time to apply the foundation to your face. There are many ways to apply foundation, whether you use a beauty blender sponge, your fingers or a brush – that is up to you! Beauty experts tend to say a sponge is best because sometimes brushes can leave streaks from the bristles and our fingers are not able to blend as well. We suggest trying all three as this is really all about your own preference!

When applying your foundation, you want to start off really slow. Many people will put quite a bit on their face not realizing it is too much. Dab a little onto your skin at a time and blend into your skin. Keep adding a little bit more of your foundation until you have reached the look you are working towards! Remember, we can always add more, but if you add too much it can make our faces look cakey and or we have to start completely over. Go slow!

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Start at the center of your face and spread your foundation towards your neck, ears and to your hairline. Gently tap it into your skin to make sure you are filling any lines or creases. When completed, you should not be able to see where the foundation starts and or ends. Make sure you are really blending into your skin for a flawless look.

Applying foundation is so important to our beauty routines! If not done correctly we can get the complete opposite look that we were hoping for. Follow our tips to apply foundation flawlessly and achieve that smooth and bright look every time!


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