Mental Health: Shift Focus From Staying Compliant to Being Caring!

In today’s time, every company has a health policy for its employees which ensures the coverage of physical injuries and illness of the employees. This is what the health in wide spectrum means to people.  But, a significant part of the population or say the people in your office who look absolutely fine from outside are fighting a battle inside with their own selves. Mental health diseases like depression, anxiety and an array of disorders are also a part of health- Mental Health! 

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If there’s life, then there’s the world. Right? But, it is worse when there’s life but not going fine! According to a report, more than 80% of the adults who are suffering from mental health issues report a drop in focus or willingness to work or socialize. Put simply, they lose the zeal to live life or immerse themselves in melancholy. The worst part is that if these symptoms are not identified in time, they keep getting chronic. 

As an employer, you play a crucial role in the lives of your employees. Either you can add to their ongoing misery or help them heal. Just so you know how vital it is to start caring for the mental health of your employees; let us mention that according to a survey, more than sustainability, equality, and diversity, three-fourths of the workers want their employees to master mental health and well being at the workspace. 

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There are many ways in which companies can help their employees improve their mental health or keep it at bay; here are the most helpful ones, read on…

    • Add more meaning and purpose to their work-
      Guidance, trust, support, belief and independence, and friendliness to an extent, your employees need all of this from you. If you lack any of these, your employees lose morale. For employees, who are already battling through a mental issue, they need all of it, more frequently. However, not every employee is the same and one thumb rule cannot work for all. Some may open up and some may not. For helping such employees, managers should attend training to understand them better.


  • Share your life stories with them- 


Leading by example is one of the best ways to motivate both the struggling and non-struggling employees. So, talk to employees one on one or in a group and tell them about the hardships you or someone you know has faced. You never know what can ignite positivity and the zeal to fight and win over depression.  

  • Make every employee sensitive enough- 
    Pass on your learning and understanding about mental health and the people going through it with the employees of your company. It is imperative for the employees and you to pay more heed to the words you use and the way you talk to a person who seems to be emotionally drained. For instance, poking too much is a no-no, asking questions like How do you manage to stay so sad all the time, and many more should not be asked. Even if you are showing your concern, there is a way to show it. An I See You campaign can also be launched in which you can show a video to employees that facilitate them with the right approach to talk to emotionally stressed people and the questions that they may ask without making the other person feel offended. 

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  • Be more liberal and flexible-
    There are days in everyone’s life when they just don’t want to wake up. You never know what an individual in your company is going through. So, let them manage their work, don’t overburden them. Also, allow them to come late or work from home when they want to, especially when you know that there are going through a turmoil in their lives. 
  • Devise Mental Health Policies-
    It is necessary to remove the taboo and fight the stigma around mental health, prevent bullying, harassment and make the employees more and more okay in talking and seniors are more and more approachable if any of these things happen to them. Till the time there is no policy in place, it will be difficult to ensure proper enforcement of the same. So, make sure you have a stringent policy at the workplace for this. 

Clearly, it is time to leave the mammoth task of running payroll to payroll software in India. If you invest in the right payroll software in India, staying compliant won’t be much of a task for you. And this is precisely when you will be able to work towards being the Chief Happiness Incharge. 

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Start looking beyond numbers, start caring, start keeping employees happier, and start saving your people from living their lives like a dead soul! It will benefit both you and your employees as happier people make a workplace happier and vice versa. 



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