Outdoor Design Ideas and Keeping Your Kids Safe Underneath Your Patio Umbrella

Having a great place to relax and unwind outdoors, especially in your backyard can be a great mood booster. Many people nowadays barely get any time to spend outside, while they work from home or in their offices. It is an essential priority that many need to consider when they are working full-time jobs, or looking after their children and running their day to day, not to mention, manic lives.

Spending time outdoors has some of the best health benefits, not just for your mind, but also for your body. It can help lower blood pressure, improve your mood, reduce stress levels, it can also help you recover from any illness quicker, and also supports age-related conditions, as mentioned in this source here

One of the best ways to do this, if you’re not too keen on going outside to the park or a public vicinity, is by creating your sanctuary in your own home, in your backyard. Those who are fortunate enough to be able to do this will reap the tremendous benefits without having to break the bank.

In this article, we look at a few ways you can do this.

Ways to Turn Your Backyard into A Personal Sanctuary

For starters, there are some ways you can turn it into a peaceful place to spend time in, some of these cosmetic ideas include the 10 mentioned below:

  1. Painting the garden walls
  2. Cleaning out the garage or shed
  3. Hang up a trellis for your trailing plants
  4. Add some hanging baskets
  5. Plant some flowering plants
  6. Tidy things up like mow the lawn
  7. Rearrange any existing furniture
  8. Add a mirror to the outdoors
  9. Recycle your pots, boxes and pans into planters
  10. Creating different zones in the garden

And more.

You can also do something on a grander scale that will make an impactful difference, such as rethinking how your yard is laid out and sprucing things up with some new garden furniture or building a shed.

Adding items such as comfortable seating underneath a gazebo or umbrella is a great idea. you can also redesign your patio or decking areas, move things around or buy some garden furniture to place on top of it. 

While doing this you should also keep in mind the safety of your health, and in particular your skin. During the summer months, as much as people enjoy the outdoor sun and bathe in it for hours if you are not too careful it will do more harm than good to your health. Not just for you but also for your children, being precautious when spending time in the sun should be a priority.

Did you know that just 15 minutes of sun exposure can lead to a rash or burn? Besides wearing sunscreen, there are also other precautionary things you can do so that everyone enjoys themselves, safely and comfortably. Those who spend too much time outside in the heat can risk suffering from an array of conditions such as:

  • Heatstroke
  • Sunburn
  • Hyponatremia
  • Dehydration
  • Exhaustion from heat
  • Skin cancer

All of these can lead to severe burning of the skin to the extent of blistering and edema which is when your tissue swells up: https://www.verywellhealth.com/too-much-sun-exposure-1298766 so prolonged exposure is never recommended, but if your children are keen on spending time in the garden, perhaps you should be wary of the things you can do while you are sprucing up your yard, to keep them safe.

Some Ideas to Keeping Kids Safe in The Garden Sun

A few ways you can do this include making sure they wear a high SPF sunscreen, making sure they wear loose-fitting clothes, wearing a cap or sun hat unless they’re in a swimming pool, making sure they stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and providing them with a shelter option to cool down under.

Shelter options are ideal for taking a break from the heat and one of the most common and quicker options for this, is to include some garden umbrellas in the mix. There are a few you can choose from such as the market umbrellas, modern European leaf-shaped umbrella, Watson’s patio umbrella, a large commercial grade one, cantilevered umbrellas, or even a wall-mounted one which is also known as a ‘wall hugger’.

Making the most of your garden during hotter months is a great idea to keep kids active and happy, and away from the television screen, but with this comes the responsibility of making sure they are positively having fun. If they start taking precautions while their young, they will take the lessons with them when they get older. Investing in your home is a great way to also ensure it retains or increases its value, so it’s a win-win for everyone.


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