Most of us spend considerable amount of time, cutting and shaping nails and then coating them with the right nail polish. But just one rip and all the efforts go to waste. This generally happens when they are not healthy. It is important that we put in some effort to care for the strength and health of the nails just as other body parts.

Nails need nourishment and care to retain their health. However, this is quite an easy task and would not take much time. Here are some tips as to how you can keep them healthy and make them strong.

Tips to Maintain Nail Health

Biotin Intake

Your body requires Biotin to ensure the proper growth and strength of the nails. Though this is produced in the body, if you feel that your nails are too weak, it would be a good idea to take some Biotin supplement. Make sure you consult a doctor before going for these supplements. In case you want to go the natural way, include eggs in your daily diet. These are a rich source of Biotin and will help in maintain your nail health.

Polish it Right

It is a myth that applying nail polish  can have an adverse effect on their health. If you use good quality nail polishes, you do not have to worry about the health of your nails. However, make sure that you use a nail polish remover which is free of high dose of acetone as it is not good for the nails. Also, it would be a good idea to let your nails go without nail polish, every now and then.

Cuticle Care

The cuticles of your nails serve as a protective layer around them. Thus, it is important that you take proper care of the cuticles. You should not cut the nails too close to the cuticles or try to pull the cuticles back. This could damage them further and in turn affect the health of your nails. Just like the other parts of your skin, your cuticles too need regular moisturizing. So, invest in a good cuticle cream and moisturize them every once in a while. In case, you cite any kind of swelling, redness or pain in the cuticles, consult a doctor immediately.

Trim your Nails

Extremely long nails are difficult to maintain and nourish. It is always a good idea to keep them short and file them properly. Also use a nail buff to smoothen the surface of the nail, to ensure that there are no dents and ridges on the nail.

Clean with Care

No matter, how hard you try to keep your nails clean, grime and dust still find their way into them. In such cases it is important to clean the nails. However, do not use sharp tools to do this as it could cause infection. Instead, clean your nails with a soft bristled nail brush which will reach the innermost corners and clean thoroughly.

Glove it Up

If you spend a lot of time washing dishes and clothes, it is advisable that you buy protective gloves for your hands. Your nails will get weak if exposed to soap water for a long time.

Don’t Ignore Infections

There might be times when you see a redness, swelling or pus in your nails or cuticles. Ignoring this could lead to severe complications which can affect the health of your nails. So, if you feel any pain or cite some untoward symptom, go ahead and get medical help immediately.

You might be tempted to try out the exotic manicure packages that your salon recommends. But such treatments actually make use of chemicals that are not good for your nails. It is always better to just get your nails cut and shaped, cuticles moisturized and a fresh coat of nail paint.

Exposing them to too much sun can also make them dry and brittle. So, always wear a sunscreen or cotton gloves when you step out in the sun. Make sure you dab a liberal amount of moisturizer on your hands every night as this would keep your hand and nails moisturized and healthy.


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