The 2020 fashion radar is buzzing with an assortment of refreshing trends, neon color palettes, and some artsy vintage revivals. This year, get ready to fill up your wardrobe with bold hues that highlight your profile and curves. Designers have flooded the runways with exquisite fabrics, such as sheer silhouettes, metallic leather, crochet, and more. 

A loud and bold maximalist energy has dominated the trend radar, urging us to go big or go home. This article will walk you through an exciting round-up of the six must-have womenswear trends to rock in 2020.

Let’s get started, shall we?


There is a rich abundance of bold and vibrant, highlighter neons to flaunt this season. The runways have witnessed a striking parade of neon reds, fluoro pink, sunny yellow, blue, green, and orange. These colors rock an electrifying radiance, allowing a woman to stand out and command attention. 

When you fail to melt into the crowd and strive for exclusivity in your style,this is just the trend. You can shop these vibrant shades in maxi skirts, off-the-shoulder blouses, and Boho dresses for women. You can even pair them up with black, tan, and white hues to strike an eclectic combination.  


Puffed sleeves are a timeless vintage trend that has been revived time and again with refreshing variations. In 2020, this trend is all set to dominate the trend radar with its voguish appeal. Puffed sleeves can transform even the most basic looks into a ramp-ready extravaganza. 

They have an effortless charm available in various staples, such as blouses, trench coats, dresses, and more. Puffed sleeves have arrived with an exaggerated focus on the shoulder and a gradual lift towards the arms. We can’t wait to brim up our wardrobes with this charming vintage trend!


Metallic hues have been trending hot in recent years, but in 2020, they have met their ultimate match: leather. The metallic leather is everywhere, from catwalks to street style trends, and it looks utterly and insanely gorgeous. This innovative trend has introduced us to a piece of beautiful new fabric, and as per industry predictions, it’s going BIG. 

You can scoop it up in an eclectic blend of colors, but silver, purple, and burgundy are all the rage. It is the ultimate fabric to rock in wide-leg pants, high-waist pants, trench coats, and biker-gal jackets. This year, you cannot do without a sleek silver metallic trench coat and sassy silver pants. 


It most certainly isn’t for 2020 catwalks that have revived a plethora of gorgeous trends from the age of the disco. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the sleek metallic trend coats and silver pants are a fabulous revival. But that’s not all, designers have revived another glorious vintage trend that will transform our wardrobes: disco collars. This magnificent 70s trend has us gleaming with joy and contentment. 

With their elegant finish and pointy ends, the disco collar is all set to glamorize our everyday statements and staples. Modern variations of the disco collar are available in button-downs, coats, jackets, dresses, and many more. This sleek and sassy collar stands out, giving the outfit a bold seal of effortless chicness.


This year, bold is the new black, and designers encourage us to embrace the beauty of our curves with confidence. It’s time to stop shying away from sheer fabrics and embrace their sensuality with audaciously bold accents. Ladies, sheer fabrics, and trends have been trending hot for several seasons.

Last season, the visible bra trend claimed the hottest appeal, but this season, the sheer layers rule supreme. So, get ready to indulge in sheer shirts, vests, dresses, and blouses. We encourage you to explore a wide variety of textures and silhouettes to play around with sassy outfits.


Remember what we said about this year’s maximalist energy, well here’s how you can flaunt it. The 2020 fashion radar is brimming with power prints and giant-sized florals. These ethereal and bold florals come in endless variations, color combinations, and styles. Large roses and daffodils adorn power prints, and florals also come with polka dots and eclectic color contrasts. 

Polka dots with florals are by far the chicest trend to shop in power prints this season. We cannot get enough of their voguish chicness and bold maximalist vibe. If you’ve always shied away from power prints, now is the time to invest in these sassy beauties. 


We adore the splendid trend revivals from the 70s and 80s and the vibrant neon hues’ eclectic charm. Which trend are you going to scoop up right away? Whichever you decide to flaunt, never compel yourself to ignore your sense of style.

Always shop patterns, color palettes, and fabrics that make you feel confident and comfortable. But sometimes, it feels great to step out of our comfort zones and experiment with new trends.


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