Why do New Daughter-in-laws wear Hanbok?  

A Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress used for semi-formal or formal attire during different occasions. Korean people wear Hanbok during special occasions such as celebrations, festivals, and ceremonies. Vibrant coloured cloth pieces are used to make Hanbok and Hanbok outfits are characterised by simple lines. Hanboks are also classified according to the purposes they are worn for: every day dress, special dress or ceremonial dresses.  

Hanbok is the traditional attire of the Korean people. It was originally designed to provide ease in movements. But, nowadays it is only worn on special occasions and festivities. Although the Korean Hanbok is not as famous as other traditional costumes throughout Asia, it has a great significance in Korean culture.  

Newly married daughters-in-law are made to wear the traditional Hanbok to denote that they have had their wedding recently. The hanbok has a very elegant shape and attractive colours are used. The colour of the dress symbolizes social position and marital status as well. By seeing the hanbok of a newly-married woman, people will come to know about her in-laws.  

The upper classes worea variety of different colours. The status and position of the family were also identified by the material of the hanbok that the daughter-in-law was wearing.  

The hanbok has a very long story and there is a reason why people wear this signature dress. However, the look of Hanbok nowadays is very different from when they first became fashionable. When Hanbok was first introduced, both men and women used to wear short baji or trousers and a jacket of the waist-length. The colours and patterns of the Hanbok also have significant meanings. Class and marital status are the two most crucial determinants that Hanbok denotes.  

What people wore depicts their marital status and to which class they belong to. Commoners had to wear white colour most of the time, or they were also allowed to wear a few other colours sometimes. They used to wear pink, grey or green. Moreover, the people of the upper had a huge range of choices to choose from. More colours were worn by noblemen and women.  

Young girls and children could wear bright colours, but older women were mostly found to wear subdued colours. Newly married people were made to wear bright and beautiful colours so that they look like they are recently married. Pride and dignity are major reasons why Hanboks are worn by people of South Korea. They are available in Korean Hanbok​ Store. Hanboks are available for both men and women.​   

Married women are to wear green and red colours. They can wear blue after giving birth to a son. So, you see there are several rules to wear even different colours in Hanbok. The patterns are also tightly regulated to the bats or flowers.  

Members of the royal family got the most choices in the colours and patterns they get to choose in their hanboks. The different colours and patterns used in them hold a variety of meanings. Queens and kings wore designs depicting fire, water, plants, mountains, dragons, phoenixes, etc. Unique and different designs were worn by the royalty, such as princesses who wore butterflies, lotus flowers, cranes, etc. Many of these patterns could only be worn by the members of the royal family. 

Nowadays, several different types of hanboks are available for different occasions and all types of designs are available for everyone to wear. If you travel to Korea, you might get a chance to wear these traditional clothing. It is a quite common practice of people who are on a tour of historical places. They wear these pieces and have their pictures clicked as a memory. Surprisingly, there are several iconic landmarks in Korea that offer free entry to people who are wearing hanboks.  

You will love wearing them, and they are very easy to wear. Lookout on some of the best deals when you travel to Korea and get a chance to wear Korean hanboks.  


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