Summer accessories you must own!

Spring Summer is here and the fashion circles are all abuzz with these amazing accessories trends that have caught on. Having a perfect wardrobe is just not enough. Adding the right accessories will add the much needed oomph to your style. Take a look at the accessories trends that are making waves this season.

Shoulder Dusters

Long earrings that brush your shoulder when you wear them are called shoulder dusters. Make a crazy statement and don of these loooong earrings.

Quirky printed Bags and Belts

Graphic prints are in and how! It you decide to go with a monochromatic look dress-wise then it will give you the perfect opportunity to sport a belt or a bag that has a super quirky print.

Headgear and Hair Accessories

Boho style head gears and head chains are really big this season. Elevate your formal look to street style or boho-chic by wearing this one accessory and rocking it like a superstar.

Choker and Chunky Necklaces

Statement Necklaces have always been a fashion favourite but one trend that has made a comeback from the 90s is the lace choker and chokers in various acquired styles. Chunky huge necklaces are also one of the most staple accessory investments.

Cross Body Bags

If you are a fan of designer bags like Michael Kors or even a regular hoarder from flea markets, you just cannot ignore the versatility of a cross body bag. With looks very similar to a sling bag, only slightly bigger, a cross body bag can be worn with jeans, skirts and dresses.

Reflective Sunglasses

From the classic Ray-bans to the more funky styles, reflective sunglasses have invaded all types of glares. If you are looking for reflective options that are budget friendly, our best bet is the Opium eyewear collection.

Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are temporary sticker tattoos that come in metallic silver and gold colours that can be worn on the body. They are an amazing accessorizing option for those who are too scared to go for the needle.

Like anything else, overdressing with accessories can kill the overall effect of an ensemble. So girls, keep in mind to dress smart and accessorise even smartly.



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