Summer Fashion Tips : 5 Ways to Look Fashionable without Being Too Revealing

It’s always summer someplace in this world. Yet, summer can be different everywhere. From mountain vacations to seaside retreats, from moderate climates to tropical, it can be difficult to dress in style and comfort. How do you dress fashionably without over- or under-doing it?


Flora de Maria Rivera of Cosmopolitan says, “One of the biggest mistakes a lot of women make is that they wear tight clothes while showing cleavage and legs at the same time. Sexiness comes from within.” She points out that looking sexy does not require deep cleavage, tight wear, and a lot of leg showing.

5 tips for summer fashion without revealing too much!

  1. Pick the right fabric. Cotton is summer’s best choice. It is low cost and available everywhere. It is soft, pliable, and cool. But cotton comes in different qualities and blends. So, you want to check thread count and easy to care polyester blends. Few things look sexier than a crisp white cotton dress shirt or tee with slacks cut to fit well.


It’s pricier, but linen is a top option for breathable wear. Long a favorite in tropical climates and resorts, linen wrinkles nicely and absorbs sweat in humid environments. It comes in pastels, but the classic off-white natural neutral goes with anything.


  1. Going neutral makes dressing easy. Light colors and neutrals are cooling and cooler looking. Whites, pale blues, soft rose, and sandy hues are pleasant to wear and match nicely with the environments you explore. But think of the surroundings to fit nicely into beach. desert, or tropical situations.


A nice option pairs a square-cut neckline in rose with a soft denim skirt hanging below the knee. Or, a lightweight maxi dress with a pale pattern covers chest and legs with loose fabric. You can always learn more about sleeved and sleeveless options in summer cool and casual.


  1. Study your profile. If too much leg and too much chest are off the list, you can cover the top if you want to show the bottom and vice versa. A seersucker blouse or man’s shirt buttoned to the neck offsets loose shorts that fall just above the knee.


Conversely, you can top a pair of pastel jeans with a halter style or spaghetti strapped top. You can opt for bell-bottom slacks in light flowing linen. Or, wear a collared sleeved top that covers your hips to the thigh.

  1. Think shoulders before breasts. Off-the-shoulder tops are sexier than plunging necklines, especially on full-breasted figures. You might shop for blouses that let you use the shoulders up or slightly off to the side for convenience, but the one-shoulder look may have seen its day.


If you have the option of shopping where they feature styles for your age group and body type, you should follow their advice or mimic their mannequins. They have been dressed by style pros who use their art to mix and match elements well.


  1. Comfort comes first. You should dress for summer with some strategy. If you spend it around the house, you stress comfort and ease. If you are planning to travel, you must consider your needs and packing arrangements.


If you plan a cruise, a resort stay, or active vacationing, you want to dress for the occasion. So, you should research the location and what to expect. There are enough online resources to show you what people wear when and where.

Look fashionable without revealing too much!

Summer calls for relaxing comfort. But if you are mingling with others, you want to look fit and fresh. Invest in a good hat, some neutral makeup, and one good striped shirt. As Vanessa Rodriguez writing for advises, “You can pair a striped shirt with practically anything: shorts, skirts, pants, denim or otherwise.”


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