6 Beanie-Friendly Hairstyles

Beanies can be frustrating for people with longer hair. However, there are ways you can style your hair that work well with your beanie. These styles look great, too! Beanies don’t have to look sloppy or effortless when you wear them with one of the following hairstyles. Put together by My Pride Apparel, a producer of Black pride beanies for women, here’s a few beanie-friendly hairstyles. 

Loose Waves

Let’s start with something simple! Loose waves are a casual but cute way to wear your hair with a beanie. If you have longer hair, use a curling iron to make some loose, beachy waves that will peek out from under the hat. No matter how long your hair is, loose waves look great and keep you looking neat and put-together. 

The key to this look is keeping your waves neat. Make sure that you bring a comb or hairbrush with you for the day – sometimes, waves can get out of hand! Tame them again to regain a fun, organized look with your favorite beanie.

Side-Swept Curls

If your hair isn’t long enough for long, loose waves, you can go classy and cute with shorter, side-swept curls. Make sure to gather all your hair on one side of your head for this asymmetrical look. Style the side-swept portion of your hair with looser curls and waves for an effortless look. 

Pull your favorite beanie down over your hair for a look straight out of a holiday movie. Your curls will look great once they are emphasized by your favorite winter hat. 

Side Braids

Beanies have long been the friend of braided hair. In fact, if you aren’t going to style some loose waves into your hair, you might as well braid it to the side so that the plaits stick out from under the hat. The coolest thing about using a side braid with your beanie is that there are so many different types of braids you can learn. 

You can choose to use a standard three-strand braid for a simple, clean look. You can also go with a fishtail braid for something a little more complicated, and even a snake braid to shake it up! Use a cord or other ornament on your braid to draw more attention to the intricate loops of hair. You can accessorize however you like! Your beanie will slide effortlessly over your head, and there’s little opportunity for hat hair when you have to take it off.

Diagonal Braids

Diagonal braids are another great option to keep your hair up and tucked away stylishly. Diagonal braids are woven into your hair from one side to another, instead of hanging straight down like a side braid might. Use a diagonal braid across your hair line to provide a cute way to keep your hat fitting properly. It looks great and helps your beanie fit better!

You can use diagonal braids on the front or back of your head. If you have longer hair, a diagonal braid can keep your braid short and easy to manage if it’s looped around your head first!  


Pigtails aren’t just for toddlers anymore! Braided or segmented pigtails can be a great way to keep your hair down while also keeping it out of your way. Plus they keep your hair neat. You won’t have to worry about much hat hair when you wear your beanie with pigtails, no matter how you choose to style them!

As with braids, there are a ton of options for making the look your own. You can even choose one of the several different types of braids for your pigtails! 

Twisted Buns

Twisted buns are another versatile style that will look different for everyone! Use a twisted bun or roll design at the nape of your neck to keep your hair up while making sure that your hat still fits properly. There are several ways to make a twisted bun, so do some research and find a way that works for you. It’ll look great when you take your hat off, too! 


There are many unique and exciting beanie friendly hairstyles you can choose this winter. Find one that fits your look and personality and don’t be afraid to experiment! Beanies are notorious for creating hat hair, so make sure to avoid it however you can!                                                                                                                                     



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