Top 12 Winter Skincare Products

Winters can harsh on your skin and turn it dry and dull. The only key to radiant and flawless skin in winter is hydration. The skin products that you should use in winters differ from what you use in the summers. To help you figure what all skin products you must-have in winters here, we have curated 12 skin essentials of winters.

Top 12 Winter Skincare Products

  1. Cream Cleanser

Dryness is one of the major skin problems which is faced most of the skin types in winters. No matter whether you have oily skin, sensitive, dry, or combinational skin, your skin will tend to dry, and thus, you would need a cream-based cleanser. 

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The ordinary cleanser is meant to remove the dirt, pollutants, and dead cells from the skin that strips off the natural oil of the skin. Contrary to this, cream-based cleansers are hydrating. They clean your skin from within and simultaneously lock the natural oil of the skin.

  1. Chemical Exfoliants

Exfoliation is one of the essential parts of the skincare routine in all seasons. It eliminates all the dirt, gun, and dead cells present in the skin and brings back the natural glow. Unlike summers, in winters, your skin needs extra care and hydration and what could be best than a chemical exfoliant. 

Physical exfoliants tend to rub your skin and make it drier. On the other hand, Chemicals, exfoliators, have enzymes and (BHAs) beta hydroxy acids and AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids that are gentle on the skin and do it works without making the skin dry.

  1. Hydrating Tonner

Natural toners have astringent that controls the excess natural oils, which surely you do not want in winters as the skin already has low moisture. A hydrating toner with hydrates the skin and clean the pores. Online shopping store like Big Basket has an exclusive section of beauty products from where you can pick a skin toner that suits your winter skin best. Do use Big Basket promo codes while shopping online and avail the best of the discounts.

  1. Moisturizer and Body Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a key ingredient that has to be there with you. There are many types of moisturizers available in the market, including gel-based, crème based, and water-based. Crème based moisturizers are ideal for winters since they moisturize the skin and keep the dryness at bay.

It is always a wise idea to pick a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Browse through all the categories of moisturizers and choose the one that is ideal for your skin. Make sure your moisturizer has a non-greasy formula and does not clog your pore; otherwise, you may get acne or pimple. 

Like your face, your body too needs extra nourishment and moisture in winters. Apply a good moisturizing lotion on your entire body after taking a bath and reply to it as soon as you find your skin getting dry. Here is a small tip- look for body and face moisturizer that promises to hydrates your skin for long hours.

  1. Eye Cream

The skin under the eyes is more sensitive and fragile; thus, it needs extra care and nourishment; therefore, you would need an eye cream as well. It will treat the puffy eyes, dark circles, dryness around the skin, and wrinkles. Also, to this, your eye cream will hold your make up. Look for an eye cream that has mild ingredients and has soothing properties. If possible, apply a layer of eye cream in a day and night before going to sleep. 

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  1. Face Serum

A moisturizer does moisturize the skin, but it does not penetrate deep inside the layers of the skin like face serums. Thus, a serum is one of the must-have skin products for winters. Most of the skin serums have anti-aging properties that look after all your skin woes and over the period give you healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Sunscreen

Most of the people tend to skip sunscreen in their winter skincare routine, which is defiantly not an ideal practice. Like summers, your skin needs protection from harmful rays in winters as well. It always good to have a sunscreen with the highest SPF, but if you do not want to invest in separate sunscreen, you can buy a moisturizer that has additional SPF.

  1. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks consist of natural serum that hydrates your skin from with-in and replenishes it. There are different types of sheet masks available for different skin types and skin concerns. You can accordingly look through all the sheet masks and buy one for yourself. It’s good to apply a sheet mask before going to sleep. The serum or oil present in the sheet mask will do its job while you sleep and give you radiant and supple skin the next morning. 

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Here is a small tip- Do not wash your face after removing the sheet maks, instead dab the leftover on your skin and leave it. You can even apply the leftover on your exposed body parts.

  1. Essential Oils

Essential oil such as Tea Tree, peppermint, and sweet orange are suitable for all skin types. They look after the major skin concerns like pigmentation, acne, dryness, and dullness. Use them sparingly as a single drop of essential oil is enough for your skin. Do not use them alone as most of them, especially Tea tree oil is volatile. You can infuse them with your other skincare products.

  1. Ten lip balm

Like your entire body, your lips also need hydration. So make sure you have a lip balm that works effectively on your lips. Opt for a lip balm that has SPF as well. Also, it should be soothing and nourishing. If you have chapped lips which is quite common in winters, you can buy a mild lips scrub separately to treat the problem 


  1. Hands and Feet Cream

Hands and feet are the most neglected body parts. Most of us forget to moisturize our hands and feet during the day and night and, thus, tend to invite wrinkles and of course, dryness. A hands and feet cream will keep the respective body part soft and make them look even younger.

12. Petroleum Jelly

Undoubtedly, petroleum jelly is an all-rounder- from fixing your skin dryness to chapped lips, it comes handy in numerous ways. So make sure you have a small tub of petroleum jelly or Vaseline in your bag and vanity.


The change in weather calls for a change in your skincare routine, which means you ought to have skincare products that are specially formulated for winters.


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