Now that the winter is around the corner, you must be dreading a dry and stretched look that your skin would soon get. Coupled with this is the need to look perfectly made up and pretty. Well, this is definitely not as difficult as you think. A little planning and some changes in your beauty routine is all that you need to do, to look scintillating when the mercury levels drop.

If you thought that the makeup that you used in summer would be perfect for winter, think again. You need to rethink the shades and colours, as well as the products that you use. Here are some winter makeup tips that would help you to look your best during the cold winter months.

Tips for Winter Makeup

Hydrate your Skin

Moisturizing your skin is an important part of your beauty regimen. This holds especially true during winters when you can see dry patches on your skin. Use an exfoliator to remove these patches. Wash your face with warm water. Pat it dry and apply a thick layer of moisturizer. This would provide enough hydration to your skin. However, it is also important to drink lots of water every day, to hydrate your skin from inside.

Cleansing Routine

In summers, using a gentle face wash or cleanser is a good way to remove makeup and other grime from your skin. However, opt for cream based cleansers during winters. These moisturize your skin as they clean.

Ditch Primer, Go for Moisturizer

You may use a primer to ensure that your makeup stays in place. This is definitely not an issue during winters as you would not sweat. So, there is hardly any chance of your makeup melting off. So, it would be a good idea to replace your primer with a moisturizer. In case, you are not sure about ditching the primer, make sure that you apply some moisturizing cream or lotion to your skin before starting off with the primer.

Use a Silicone Based Foundation

It is a good idea to opt for a silicone based foundation during winters. This works well for the skin that tends to get dry with the drop in temperature. What’s more, this also protects your skin from cold winds and prevents it from getting dry.

Say No to Bright Colours

Bright shades of makeup just do not look good during winters. Shades like shocking pink, shocking red, orange etc are perfect for summers. Instead neutral shades of brown, pink, purple and gray are the perfect choice for the cold season. In case, you like some shimmer with your shades, go for silver rather than gold, which tends to be a summer shade.

Invest in a New Mascara

Mascara tends to dry up and flake during winters. So, if you have been using your tube of mascara for some time now, it would be advisable that you get a new one before the winters begin.

Smoky and Winged Eye Look

If you can’t think of stepping out of your house without some eyeliner, the winter is the best time to experiment with the different ways in which you can apply it. Experts believe the winged liner works perfectly with winter clothes. In case, you want to add in some eye shadow, try the smoky look for your eyes which would make you look mesmerising.

Get Matte, Not Gloss

There is no way you can go without a lipstick. No matter how much you like the glossy look for your lips, the cold winters call for a matte look. It would be a good idea to apply a lipstick which also doubles as a moisturiser for your lips.

Bold Lip Colours

Fashion gurus recommend that bold colours like purple, red and coffee are best suited for your lips during winters. You can also opt for tinted lip balms which add colour to your lips and also moisturise them.

Creamy Blush

It is not a good idea to apply a powder blush during winters as it dries up your skin. Instead, opt for a cream blush which would add some sheen to your cheeks and also keep them moisturised.

Keeping your skin well hydrated and moisturised is the key to ensure that your skin looks as good in winters as in summers. It is also important to protect your skin with sunscreen as harmful UV rays are always present in the sun, irrespective of its intensity. So, take care of your skin and stay beautiful!


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