Tulsi AKA Basil

Tulsi also known as Basil is known across India for its medicinal purposes. It is also a very significant plant known to a lot of people for its religious significance also. It is grown in most houses in the country as it is considered auspicious and brings good fortune to the place where is planted. Apart from being of utmost religious importance, tulsi has a lot of medicinal properties also that facilitate the well-being of the mind and body. We list down ten medicinal benefits of Tulsi that work wonders.

Tulsi has a lot of essential oils which work well on our respiratory system. Its properties help in reducing stress levels,high BP and also diabetes. It works wonders for adults and kids. It helps repair tiny wounds very quickly and also gives relief in diseases like chicken pox or any insect bites. Boiling milk with a few basil leaves is really good for your entire family. It helps protect your body against any viral diseases. It makes your immune system super strong and doesn’t let any virus enter your body easily.

Here we have listened to 10 Benefits of Tulsi and trust me you’ll be surprised to know most of them –

10 Benefits of Tulsi (Basil)

1.Works against fever

Tulsi has anti-germicidal and anti-bacterial qualities that can help the body to fight against harmful bacteria that cause fever. In the case of a high fever, boil tulsi leaves with cardamom in half litre water and let it reduce to half its volume. Add milk and sugar to this decoction and sip it every two to three hours to get relief from fever this is Benefits of Tulsi.

2.Help Reduce Stress

Drinking tulsi induced drinks regularly, either in water or in tea, helps maintain the normal level of stress hormone cortisol in the body. Chewing on tulsi leaves in a high-stress environment also helps relieve stress considerably.

3.Helps Quit Smoking

Being an effective anti high-stress food item, tulsi also helps a person to quit smoking. Tulsi leaves have a cooling effect on the throat that is very similar to menthol. This cooling effect also helps suppress the urge to smoke.

4.Cures  Headache

If you have headaches that are caused by stress, migraines or sinusitis, worry not, tulsi can help ease your pain. To sure the headache, crush some tulsi leaves and boil it in water. Let the water cool down to room temperature and soak a towel in it. Rub the tulsi water on the area where the pain is intense and it will help relieve your headache in no time.

5.Protects the Heart

Tulsi has a strong antioxidant present in it called eugenol which helps the body to maintain the blood pressure  levels. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. Chewing a couple of tulsi leaves on an empty stomach early in the morning will help prevent your body from heart-related ailments.

6. Heals Sore Throat

Eating raw tulsi leaves or boiling it with water and consuming it,helps heal a sore throat and the common cold.

7. Beauty Benefits 

Tulsi helps in keeping the skin glowing and helps in getting rid of acne and any kind of marks on your skin. Apply a paste to the affected area to help the skin heal there.

8. Heal Any Wounds

Tulsi when mixed with hard as a paste and applied to the areas where there are wounds,cuts or any insect bites,helps the skin heal quicker.

9. Hair Benefits 

Helps in making the hair grow thicker and darker – Mixing tulsi juice into our regular oil helps the scalp get rid of any kind of dandruff and helps in hair growth and makes the hair grow darker and faster.

10. Diabetes

Consuming 2-3 tulsi leaves per day helps reduce blood sugar level in the body .

Conclusion :

So start this new habit today and chew on some tulsi leaves for a healthy body. It has several benefits that help heal a person’s overall health. Tulsi is a boon for us as it is a one step solution to every health issue that we face. Children should have this every morning on an empty stomach to protect themselves against all diseases and to make their immune system stronger. Adults also should make sure they intake few regularly to live a longer and healthier life ahead.


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