3 Tips: How To Be A Fashionable Hijabi On Eid Al Adha

Eid Al Adha is one of the best festive occasions where hijabis want to rise and shine to look their very best. In this summer heat, it becomes puzzling to decide what to wear on Eid Al Adha. Bokitta totally understands the dilemma of hijabis who want to opt for a formal yet inspiring look on Eid. We have brought our pinless hijabs such as our latest Éthéré collection to take this worry away from hijabis.

3 Tips for a fashionable attire on Eid Al Adha

Here are some tips and ideas that you can employ to capture everyone’s attention while celebrating

the holy occasion of Eid Al Adha:


Tip #1: Choose hijab according to face shape and dress according to body shape

There can be no bigger bummer than a lady who does not understand her face shape or body shape and dress accordingly. Take a look at our blog for help on how to enhance your look according to your facial features.

Tip #2: Pair up colors

Gone are the days of same-colored outfits from head to toe. Be bold to experiment with all kinds of color combinations. You never know which might make you look even more stunning.

Tip #3: Accessorize strategically

We know that Eid comes with a temptation to put on all the best accessories that we have bought, but loading too much on accessories will make you look like a display. Accessorize strategically and choose only the items that will highlight your best features.

Eid Al Adha dress ideas from Éthéré collection


  1. Bold Mauve look:

The perfect party dress for Eid Al Adha will be Bold Mauve trending outlook. This bright appearance can be softened with a pink hijab. The printed hijab is in accordance with Eid Al Adha festivities.

For a more alluring guise, choose a long gown of bold mauve color to appear even perkier during the evening party. Add shimmer with a bright bag and classy heels. With your perfect Eid dress, appropriate accessories should be chosen. To achieve the ideal bold mauve appearance, choose bold colored accessories. Do not worry about appearing too fierce, as your pink hijab will soften the appearance for Eid party.


  1. Velvet Caviar look:

Who says you cannot select a dark colored dress for Eid? Dark colors can also give a trendy and stylish Eid look, and Velvet Caviar dress from Éthéré collection is precisely what you need on Eid Al Adha.

Choose the color combinations with dark-colored hijab, trousers, and shoes. To create a blend of soft and dark hue, pair up with a graceful yet light-colored top and accessories. A wide trouser of black color will be suitable for Eid celebration; silky trouser should be the right option.


  1. Parity blue look:

If you are headed to an evening party, then parity blue appearance is what you need. Printed blue hijab with pink flowers will lend a fantastic guise with a formal jacket. This grouping of colors is perfect for Eid celebrations. For an ideal summer party of Eid, get flat shoes and a casual bag.

For a full clothing get-up, do not forget to add some flair with wide trousers with a softer color tone. Get suitable accessories so that you do not look very plain for Eid celebrations. Put on some pink makeup for a barbie doll innocence.


  1. Imperial Silver look:

Silver is the color that works best for Eid Al Adha parties, especially the summer ones. If you want to opt for sophisticated attire on Eid rather than dark and fierce ones, then try this appearance. The silver-grey printed hijab can be worn with a bright and showy top. To appear even more really appealing, put on your favorite trousers.

To complete the outlook, get high heels of complementary colors with your trousers and also a bright and funky bag. You will definitely look elegant for Eid Al Adha party in this bold dress.


  1. Fierce Taupe Eid look:

It can be a perfect getaway for casual look seekers, and you can also modify it for an Eid Al Adha look. The casualness is paired up with fierceness that will make it more Eid-appropriate. There is extraordinary color coordination, but you can choose to accessorize according to Eid Al Adha celebration.

Pair up an earth-toned grey-brown hijab with bright and bold contrast. You can match the dress with the color of flowers printed on the hijab. For Eid Al Adha look, get a dark-colored top with earth-colored pants. To accessorize the whole outlook, choose a designer heel with a light-colored bag. The contrast will give you a perfect summer look and bring out the best in you.

So, don’t waste another moment and order your hijabs from Éthéré collection to look fantastic.




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