Weight loss and detox are the new Mantra of the era. Changing lifestyles, increasing work pressures and unhealthy food habits are paving way to ever rising weight issues among men and women alike. While it is quite a challenge to work your way combating obesity, detoxing with healthy juices comes as a great option to quicken the process. Not only that, consuming these detox juices will also enrich your body with the necessary nutrients, while flushing out the toxins and keeping your weight in check.

The market is now loaded with weight counsellors, nutritional therapists and fitness trainers who recommend an equal balance of diet and exercise. However, once you have access to information regarding the healthier choices in the detox juices, there is every possibility that drinking these regularly will help you maintain both health and vigour, burning excess fat. Not to forget save heavy bills on those clinical visits.

Here are seven amazing detox juices for weight loss followed by the world. Try them and see the way weight gets managed as you go on about feeling healthier.

1.Pomegranate Pineapple Lemon Detox

Pomegranate comes with rich nutrients and fibre, and so does pineapple. Lemon fights the toxins and aids in weight loss. Simply take one fruit pomegranate seeds, pineapple slices (canned or fresh), one full lemon squeezed into a juice. Add some almonds for effect and grind into a fine smoothie. Having this detox everyday improves your health, immunity and processes active fat burn.

2.Cucumber Lemon Ginger Mint Detox

This one should perhaps be one of the most trending detox waters these days. And the best part is, the detox works. Cucumber replenishes fluids and nutrients and sustains the hunger pangs while mint and lemon clean the digestive tract, enabling better digestion. Having this detox water is quite effective with weight loss. Simply cut cucumber pieces, lemons and soak in the water overnight. Add grated ginger and mint leaves. Proven to be ‘already working’ among the weight loss seekers, this cucumber detox is a must try.

3.Kale and Pomegranate Detox

The combination of kale and pomegranate is said to be nothing less than that of a wonder drug. Pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidants and helps fight free radicals, while kale gives abundant protein, fibre and phytochemicals. Add kale to the freshly ground pomegranate juice along with mint leaves and ginger. Drink this detox juice twice to thrice every week and see some great results.

4.Rainbow Detox

This detox juice is particularly for the veggie lovers. Add tomatoes, peppers, carrots, lemon juice, celery, parsley and cilantro. Grind them into a fine juice and drink it up. This detox is loaded with stamina and provides great immunity boost, apart from burning excess fat.

5.Blueberry Fruit Smoothie

Blue berries are considered to be immune boosters and carriers of great health. They contain a plethora of vitamins. Simply add fresh blueberries or blue berry powder to banana and cranberry juice and grind. Add a dash of lemon juice to the smoothie and consume every day. This detox is said to show magical transformations.

6.Beet Orange and Carrot Smoothie

A detox juice that is said to be a power booster as well. Blend fresh carrots and beets together with orange juice. Strain the water and add few drops of lemon and grated ginger for taste. After consuming this detox, you are bound to feel energetic and full throughout the day. What’s more, the cravings for junk food will immediately come to a halt.

7.Honey Water with Ginger and Lemon

There is nothing as time tested as honey. Filled with wholesome attributes, honey cleanses and improves your digestive tract, while lemon and ginger perform their detox properties. Mix two spoons of honey in lukewarm water, squeeze lemon juice and ginger extract. Drink this juice everyday as a great combination with a daily workout.

Try these great detox juices at home today and welcome a new dawn to better health and living. Weight loss comes automatically to a body with great metabolism. So do not forget those workouts.


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