Girls Day Out Ideas

Having girlfriends is important for a healthy life. This is particularly true when life throws you tough changes — getting married, having kids, going through a breakup, moving to a new city, or just dealing with whatever life throws your way.

It’s difficult to keep your girl bonds strong through all these life changes. It’s not uncommon to lose track of your girlfriends because you’ve got so much going on in your lives.

Having regular girls’ days should be routine in your life. The perfect outing means you are spending quality time with some of the most supportive and important women in your life, making the most of every adventurous time.

This doesn’t mean you’ve got to make these days expensive. If you can splurge a little; that’s great. However, the focus is to make sure you get some much-needed and deserved quality time together. If you get creative, it doesn’t have to cost you anything!



Having a set fun run with the girls is an excellent idea that will give you that quality time together, release those positive endorphins, and of course, gets you into better shape. You can have lots of fun with this one by dressing funky or perhaps making a specialty theme for each run.

The key is to make sure you keep it challenging, light, and loads of fun!


We are creatures of habit, who don’t often like to step outside our comfort zone, which makes it that much more important to make a point of trying something new.

Think of all the things you’ve never done but have always wanted to try. Maybe you’ve never tried Sushi. If not, grab your girlfriends and go out for a nice lunch at a reputable sushi restaurant. Rotate around the group, so everyone has a chance to try something they’ve never done.

At first, try to make your choices things that nobody in the group has done. After you run out of ideas, then you might need to look at each one individually.


An excellent way to relax and spend some quality time with your gal pals is to round up some horses and take a nice evening stroll into the sunset. Bring a few treats for the horses, and if you like, pack a nice picnic to stop and enjoy along the way.

Don’t forget to bring a nice bottle of wine to add to this bonding experience.


One of the easiest ways to reconnect with your girlfriends is to hop in the car and go for a ride. Map out a route that takes you places you’ve always wanted to see, and perhaps, you’ll end up at a favorite hangout spot.

Put the music on, relax, and talk, talk, talk until you run out of things to talk about.


Another neat way to spend time with your girlfriends is to play truth or dare. This is a totally innocent and fun route to get everyone opening up just a little more with each other. You can dare your girlfriend to try to get the number of a cute guy passing by, or maybe one of your girlfriends will dare you to do a bomb drop as big as you can at the pool.  This all depends on where you are playing this exciting game.


It’s always nice to book a spa day with the girls; however, you can do it without breaking the bank. One of the best routes to spending an amazing day together is to plan a day at home where you give each other facials, manicures, and perhaps even do a little clothes swapping. A super easy way to get some new outfits, without spending any money, just quality time together.


Think back to when you were in school and you’d grab some pop and popcorn and have movie marathons, watching all the super-hot guys in the best movies ever. Bring back some of those happy memories by doing the same thing with perhaps some sweet treats and wine, instead of the popcorn and pop.

Pick the movies you all want to see and let the fun bonding begin.


I don’t know of a better way to relax and have some fun with your girlfriends than to test wines you’ve never had before. You can do this at home with some luxuriously rich cheese, or you can make it a night on the town. Just make sure you have a designated driver if you are heading out for some fun bonding time on the town.


This also works for flea markets, auctions, or any other unique markets. It’s all about searching to find the best bargains while you are getting to know your community a little bit better. For bonus, you’re going to have an amazing day with your girlfriends, and that’s what true friendship is all about.


Here’s another great bonding idea that doesn’t have to cost any money. Get clever and visit the cosmetics counter at most department stores for a free makeover. Try to go when it’s not too busy, so you can each get one.

This will give you some great makeup tips, make you look and feel fabulous, and you might even wind up with a fresh look that sticks.


It never felt so good to eat healthy! Plan a morning with your girlfriend, tasting all the local fresh foods. Afterward, take home a nice sample of fresh delicacies, so you can make a nice fresh lunch or dinner and bond away.


This is another healthy way to spend some quality time with your girlfriends. If you like, everyone can bring a few of their favorite smoothie recipes, and you can whip up a taste testing smoothie party.

Have a vote at the end about which smoothie creation is the favorite!


Most gyms offer walk-in yoga classes for beginners. And if you are all-seasoned in yoga, you can vote on what class you’d like to attend. This one is a win-win because you get to de-stress your body, spend time with girlfriends, and share a beautiful new experience.


This is a girls’ day out idea that will require a little organization. Have all your gal pals bring old photos, stickers, magazines, glue, glitter, construction paper, and any other items that will make some amazing scrapbooks.


I bet it’s been a while since you’ve been bowling. This is a great opportunity for you to get a little silly with your girlfriend and have some chatting and growing closer. No doubt, you are going to make some amazing memories here.

This idea is pretty cheap, and you’ll even burn a few calories for bonus. Don’t miss out with this crafty and exciting girls’ day out idea!


Make a plan, whether it’s for a few days or a few weeks. It’s time to hit the road with your girls! You can set the budget and decide if you’re going to cut it tight and sleep in the tent or the car, or whether you are going to splurge and sleep in luxury.

You can also throw a twist on this one and just hop in the car with your bags and the basics and start driving, deciding where you are going to stop and visit and when you’re going to head home as you go. Lots of fun with this girls’ day out idea.


This is where you need to slip into your teeny-weeny-yellow-polka dot bikini! Bring your tanning lotion, a blanket, towel, some beverages, a few snacks, and perhaps a volleyball or Frisbee to have some fun.

Aside from all the fun you’re going to have together, you can also have a blast checking out all the eye candy.

If the day goes well, you might be able to turn this into some evening fun, with a bonfire and some marshmallow s’mores.


There aren’t many women who don’t like shopping. You can make a day of shopping with your girlfriends for some great quality time together and, hopefully, some amazing buys.

Don’t worry about the calories and forget about your budget. This is the time to indulge with your girlfriends in food and clothing. Relax and have some fun together, a day that’s guaranteed to be priceless.


When you are having a tough time figuring out what to do with your girlfriends, you can always hit the movies! Grab your popcorn with extra butter and your favorite snack, sit back, and enjoy the show and the time you get to spend with your girlfriends.


You just can’t go wrong with live entertainment when you are looking to spend quality time with the girls. This will need a little planning because you’ve got to decide on a band you all want to see, a time, and a place.

Talk about an excellent fun time with your besties.


Girls can be sports fanatics, too! Gather your girlfriends and decide on a team and sport you’d like to see. Even if a couple of you don’t want to see a sports game, it’s all about the moment. Watching a game live is much more incredible than watching it on television.

Find out what’s in your area and organize an afternoon or evening out with the gals taking in the game.


If you and your girls love thrills, how about heading to an amusement park for some exciting adventure? It’s super easy to spend the whole day at the park, screaming like crazy and enjoying some of the most amazing treats on the planet.

A great idea for a girls’ day out.


There’s no doubt that girls like to drink. It’s fun to get a little tipsy with your best gals. What’s even more exciting is you never know what’s going to happen when you mix a little alcohol with some fun girlfriends.

Just be sure you keep everything under control and that nobody gets too crazy with the drink. It doesn’t take long to take this fun night out into a plan for disaster. Make sure you’ve each got cab money in your pocket and pinky swear promise you won’t leave any establishment without checking in with each other. Safety is very important with this excellent idea for a girls’ day or night out.


You don’t have to be 5 years old to have fun with crafts. Look on Pinterest for some hilarious crafts and give them a try. Maybe you want to make something in tune with the season or some sort of edible delectable treat. The sky’s the limit with this awesome girls’ day out idea. The only rule is you’ve got to have loads of fun doing it!


This activity is loads of fun. What’s more exciting than getting the chance to blast away at your girlfriends and wind up laughing about it when all is said and done? Enjoying a few rounds of paintball with your girlfriends is a good excuse to exercise and test your shooting skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re coordinated because this sport is going to deliver loads of fun and lots of stories to talk about for years to come.

You can pack a lunch and make a day of it if you like. Definitely, a one-of-a-kind adventure where the fun never ends.


Have you ever heard of the Blounge? It’s a cost-effective salon that gives you and your girlfriends some pampering, while the establishment lends to hi-tech gadgets for fun. Use the iPads and other electronic gadgets to capture those special moments of the day, so you can post them online for your friends and family to see.

Talk about taking pampering to another level!


This is another super awesome way to step outside the norm and spend some quality time with your girlfriend, while you’re having loads of fun! Get yourselves strapped in and lined up at the starting line for a fun and moderately competitive race. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got your helmets on, because it could get a little messy!

And you’re going to have to get over the fact that you are going to have helmet head. That’s not something to worry about when you are spending time with the girls at the Go Cart Track!

#29 – CASINO

Who doesn’t have fun when they visit the casino? Just make sure you set your budget and hold each other to it. It’s not like you need a lot of money to have fun. Play the quarter slots and just bring a hundred dollars if that works.

Make sure you all agree beforehand how much you’ll be spending and what casino games you’ll be playing. You don’t want any of your girlfriends borrowing against their house!

There’s lots of delicious food and drink to sample. You can even make a weekend of it and share a hotel sweet, depending on your timeline and budget.

Have fun with this one!


This is another activity you can do inside or out that will give you some excellent time with your girlfriends. Most cities have lots of different options, and the best part is all your equipment is provided.

The indoor gyms have instructors that match you with your experience level, which means you will be challenged but only within your comfort level. If you wind up going outdoors, make sure you go with a guided crew that provides all your equipment and, of course, takes you up and down your climbs.

An excellent adventure with your girlfriends you won’t soon forget!


Here’s another cool idea that you likely don’t do on a regular basis. Gather your best girlfriends and head to a pottery barn, where you can make pottery from start to finish.

It’s fun to decide on a theme to make it even more memorable. Maybe you want to make a dish, pot, plaque, or soap dish for one of your girlfriends. Draw names to figure out who’s going to make something for whom.

This is going to create lots of laughs and special moments, and that’s what friendship is all about.


This idea is seasonal, but what better way to spend quality time with each other than to put on your comfort clothes and head out to berry pick? If it’s a little later in the season, you might want to apple pick, which is just as much fun.

This doesn’t cost much, it gets you out to enjoy nature, it’s relaxing, and you’re going to have some fresh fruit and lots of fun memories to take home with you. Maybe you each want to make a pie to enjoy at your next outing.


You might have to do a little traveling for this one, particularly if you live smack dab in the middle of the city. Or if you’re lucky, you might know someone who owns a farm, even better!

This adventure is so much fun, especially if some of your girlfriends are the “girly-girl” type. Dress down for this one and wear your oldest crappy clothes and shoes or boots. You don’t want to wreck your nice clothes. Then it’s time to get up close and personal with cows, pigs, chickens, horses, and maybe some sheep.

I’ve done this; I’ve just stopped into a friendly looking farm and asked if we can see the animals. Often, the farmer would love to show you around. If you don’t ask, you will never know!


When you are looking for excellent and adventurous girls’ day out ideas, you’ve got to open your mind to all sorts of possibilities. Hopefully, these craft and exciting ideas will open the door for lots of happy memorable moments for you and your girlfriends.

Make a habit of scheduling these get-togethers regularly, so you can keep up to date with each other. Genuine friendships really are priceless.


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